Deadpool 3"s Darkest R-Rated Theory Just Got Way More Likely

  • Sabretooth's quick and violent death in Deadpool 3 set photos supports the theory that the MCU is adapting Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, with characters from previous Fox movies possibly suffering brutal deaths.
  • Instead of Deadpool's rampage from the source material, Deadpool 3's slaughter may come from Deadpool and Wolverine's attempt to survive a multiversal incursion.
  • Deadpool 3 is likely to feature much more explicit violence than previous MCU films, as hinted by Sabretooth's decapitated head being paraded by Deadpool in set photos.
New Deadpool 3 set photos reinforce an R-rated fan theory about the MCU movie's multiversal plot. Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool is coming to the MCU in Phase 5's Deadpool 3, and he's bringing other characters from Fox's X-Men universe with him. Deadpool and Wolverine's reunion is all but confirmed, but Hugh Jackman's Wolverine won't be the only multiversal character Deadpool will meet in his MCU debut. Marvel Studios has access to Fox's whole library of Marvel characters, so heroes and villains from previous Fox-Marvel productions can also be part of Deadpool 3's large cast.
How exactly Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool, Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, and other characters from Fox's Marvel movies travel through the multiverse is unknown, but Deadpool 3 set photos suggest that Fox's Marvel universes are collapsing. The destroyed 20th Century Fox logo in the background of Deadpool and Wolverine's battle teases a multiversal incursion, and newer Deadpool 3 set photos confirm the appearance of more mutants, with at least one of them suffering a grim fate. Given how dire Deadpool 3 seems for Fox's Marvel characters, a popular Deadpool 3 fan theory seems to be more likely than ever.
Deadpool 3's New Set Photos Set Up A Fox Universe War Shortly after resuming production following the end of the 2023 actors' strike, Deadpool 3 set photos confirm Sabretooth's return. This version of Sabretooth looks almost exactly like the one played by Tyler Mane in 2002's X-Men. Surprisingly, Sabretooth isn't only shown fighting Wolverine, but also appears unequivocally dead as Deadpool holds up the villain's decapitated head. With multiple characters from Fox's Marvel movies appearing in Deadpool 3, the likelihood of a multiversal massacre increases. In the end, Deadpool and Wolverine could become the only survivors of this clash between universes.


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