10 Star Wars Locations That Are The Perfect Base For Rey"s New Jedi Order

  • Rey has several potential locations for her new Jedi temple, including Lothal, Ossus, Takodana, Coruscant, Tython, Mustafar, Ahch-To, Ajan Kloss, Yavin 4, or even establishing a nomadic Jedi Order.
  • Each location comes with its own unique qualities and history, such as Lothal's Force-rich environment and access to kyber crystals, Ossus' Jedi history and serene atmosphere, or Takodana's connection to the Jedi of the past and its beauty.
  • Rey's choice of location for her new Jedi temple will be crucial in determining the success and direction of her new organization, as it can reflect her commitment to learning from past mistakes or even redeeming Darth Vader's legacy. A mobile base could also provide flexibility for the Jedi Order.
As Star Wars moves into the New Jedi Order era, a big question is where Rey Skywalker will build her new Jedi temple, base, or headquarters. Rey's next Star Wars movie is slated to begin filming in the near future, and will explore a time period 15 years after her last appearance. Carrying the legacy of the Jedi, this new film will be directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, and will explore Skywalker carrying on her new family name and training the next generation of Jedi Knights.
The Jedi Order of the prequels, and Luke Skywalker's resurrection of it, both had a central temple location. The old Order's was on Coruscant, and though we didn't see it much– Luke's Jedi Temple was on Ossus. These places served as the central training grounds and bases of operations for their Jedi, and as Rey continues this legacy, she needs her own central temple. But of all the locations in the Star Wars galaxy map – and factoring in the knowledge and mistakes of the past Jedi – where will Rey decide to set up her New Jedi Order? This choice could determine much of the success of her new organization. Here's a list of 10 possible locations for Rey's new Jedi temple:


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