The MCU Can Already Reboot 2023"s Most Disappointing Crossover

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Secret Invasion and The Marvels
  • The MCU's "Secret Invasion" disappointed fans with its lack of tension, surprises, and meaningful scale, failing to live up to its namesake in the original Marvel Comics.
  • "The Marvels" has set up a new opportunity for a more interesting and intense "Secret Invasion" story in the MCU's future, thanks to the introduction of more Skrulls on Earth and the potential for fear and growing distrust among them.
  • The finale of "Secret Invasion" teased a far more compelling story, with human vigilantes attacking suspected aliens and The Marvels' confirmation that New Asgard is now harboring Skrulls, setting up a situation where Earth's heroes and population will be in fear of those who might have been replaced. A new "Secret Invasion" series could tell a bigger story with a stronger resolution.
The MCU already has the perfect opportunity to reboot Secret Invasion, 2023's most disappointing crossover. Unfortunately, the show starring Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury did very little to live up to its namesake from the original Marvel Comics. However, there is a chance for Marvel Studios to correct their mistake thanks to the show's finale and some key elements featured in The Marvels.
Named after the iconic comics crossover where Marvel's superhero community ran rampant with paranoia due to a massive Skrull invasion within their own ranks, expectations were high for the on-screen version of Secret Invasion focused on Nick Fury. It certainly seemed as though Fury would have been in a position to prevent the same kind of infiltration from happening in the MCU. However, the series itself proved to be a much smaller affair with very little tension or surprises one would expect from a series about shape-shifting aliens hiding among humanity. However, The Marvels has hopefully set up a far more interesting Secret Invasion story in the MCU's future.


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