Jennifer Lien’s 6 Best Star Trek: Voyager Episodes As Kes

  • Kes brings joy and optimism to the crew of the USS Voyager, showcasing her empathetic nature and strength as a character.
  • Kes faces difficult decisions and personal growth throughout the series, including her relationship with Neelix and the development of her telepathic powers.
  • Despite her short time on Voyager, Kes leaves a lasting impact, providing an optimistic perspective and reminding the crew of the potential of exploration and unity.
In Star Trek: Voyager, Kes (Jennifer Lien) brings a sense of joy and wonder to the USS Voyager's crew with her optimistic empathy, which her best episodes focus on. On Ocampan from the Delta Quadrant, Kes joins the crew with Neelix (Ethan Phillips), and together the pair create an ebullient contrast to the combined Starfleet and Maquis crew stranded in the Delta Quadrant. While Neelix works on morale and food, Kes becomes an empathetic voice of reason, particularly for The Doctor (Robert Picardo). Later episodes see Kes develop her telepathic powers under the tutelage of Lt. Tuvok (Tim Russ), and break up with Neelix in a great turn for character development for both Neelix and Kes.
Kes is written out after Star Trek: Voyager season 3, so she never has a chance to reach her full potential as a character. Early reports surrounding Kes's departure claimed the Ocampan was a difficult character to write for due to her short lifespan and lack of development. More recently, executive producer Jeri Taylor cited actress Jennifer Lien's struggles with mental health as a major contributing factor to writing Kes off of Voyager. While Kes wasn't on Voyager very long, she did feature in some episodes that featured her strength as a character.


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