Why The Marvels Just Broke Another Unwanted MCU Box Office Record

  • The Marvels' commercial failure grows even bigger as more potential viewers get discouraged from watching the movie due to its already infamous box office performance.
  • The Marvels struggled from the start, with a low opening weekend and a massive drop in ticket sales in the second weekend, which overshadowed the movie's strengths.
  • The Marvels' release comes after a string of recent superhero flops and discussions about superhero fatigue, which Marvel's last-minute advertising campaign couldn't counterbalance.
The Marvels' box office failure snowballed into a bigger disappointment for the MCU than it should have been. Nia DaCosta's The Marvels brings together three important MCU heroes, two of them introduced in the Multiverse Saga and one introduced in the billion-dollar prelude to Avengers: Endgame. Yet, the first Captain Marvel sequel has performed even worse at the box office than recent flops, not only from Marvel but from DC as well. Several factors played against The Marvels, including the effects of the actors' strike on the movie's promotion and the characters' lack of popularity in comparison to other Marvel heroes. However, that doesn't fully explain The Marvels' record-breaking negative performance.
The Marvels' opening weekend earned the film $47 million, which presaged a difficult climb towards the movie's $270 million budget. To make matters worse, The Marvels' second weekend saw a massive drop of around 80% in ticket sales, with barely around $10 million earned over the weekend — a record in superhero movie history, as it surpassed movies with worse critics and audience reception such as Morbius and Black Adam. Despite The Marvels' ending setups and post-credits scene, its struggle to captivate audiences is undeniable. But there's also luck and timing involved in its box office disaster.
Poor Word Of Mouth Killed The Marvels' Box Office Longevity The Marvels' struggle at the box office seemed dire from the very start with its extremely low opening weekend performance. As earnings only dropped faster each day, reports about The Marvels' disastrous box office made its commercial failure a self-fulfilling prophecy, with even more potential viewers avoiding the film due to its record-breaking performance. Independently of its quality or fun factor, the fact that The Marvels made the headlines almost exclusively for its poor box office overshadowed its strengths, and public attention focused solely on its weaknesses. Every time The Marvels reaches a new low, more people are unlikely to give the MCU movie a chance.


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