What Does Dave Filoni"s New Role Mean For Star Wars & Lucasfilm?

  • Dave Filoni's promotion to Chief Creative Officer at Lucasfilm means he will have a more significant role in shaping the future of Star Wars, working alongside Kathleen Kennedy and Carrie Beck in planning new projects.
  • Filoni sees himself as a resource for other filmmakers and showrunners, offering guidance and support rather than dictating their creative visions.
  • Filoni will continue making his own Star Wars content, including potentially a movie set in The Mandalorian era and the upcoming New Jedi Order movie, and he will also play a role in overseeing other upcoming Star Wars films, ensuring they form a cohesive whole.
George Lucas' protégé, Dave Filoni, is now officially chief creative officer at Lucasfilm - and here's what it means for the future of Star Wars. Dave Filoni has long been considered Star Wars royalty by the fandom, in large part because of his mentorship under George Lucas. Filoni joined Lucasfilm for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and he's remained an integral part of the company over the years; he's recently helmed his first live-action Star Wars TV show, Ahsoka, which proved a tremendous success and paved the way for Filoni's theatrical debut.
Dave Filoni has now been promoted at Lucasfilm, taking responsibility for overseeing upcoming Star Wars movies and TV shows. This promotion is surely earned by Ahsoka, and sets him up to be more important to the future of Star Wars than ever before. There's something beautifully symbolic about this; the theme of Ahsoka was "Master and Apprentice," and now Lucas' own apprentice has taken his place. What does this mean for the future of Star Wars?


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