Sony Just Revealed The 1 Story Spider-Man 4 Would Be Too Scared Of

  • Sony's upcoming Madame Web movie explores the origins and lives of multiple Spider-Man-related characters from Marvel Comics.
  • The introduction of Ezekiel Sims as a dark Spider-Man villain adds a unique twist to Sony's Spider-Man universe, deviating from the MCU's depiction of Peter as a purely heroic character.
  • The MCU's Spider-Man is unlikely to ever go down a dark path, as it goes against the branding and popularity of the character. Any dark storylines with Peter would be a major risk for Marvel Studios, but fits well in Sony's universe.
With the release of the trailer for the upcoming Madame Web movie, Sony has demonstrated that it's willing to explore a Spider-Man storyline the MCU would be too afraid to tackle. Starring Dakota Johnson, Madame Web tells the story of Cassandra Webb, a paramedic who develops precognitive and clairvoyant abilities and uses those powers to protect three young girls, all destined to become Spider-People, from a deadly threat. The film is speculated to be set before Peter Parker's time, and Adam Scott may even be playing a young Ben Parker. It's the latest in Sony’s ever-expanding Spider-Man universe, which may increase in popularity with the lack of MCU movies releasing next year.
Through its deals with Disney/Marvel Studios, Sony has already introduced a number of classic Spider-Man characters to the MCU, including Green Goblin, Doc Oc, and multiple variants of Peter Parker. Further, Sony's Spider-Verse movies have brought countless non-Peter Parker variants of Spider-Man to the big screen, really honing in the message that anyone can be Spider-Man. Madame Web marks the first Sony live-action movie that will explore the origins and lives of other Spider-People besides Peter, and it does so in a very interesting way that makes it distinct from the MCU's portrayal of Peter. The unique direction Sony has decided to take with its upcoming movie signals it is willing to take more risks than the MCU.


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