10 Things In The Star Wars Sequels That George Lucas Would"ve Done Too

  • Disney's Star Wars sequel trilogy took inspiration from George Lucas's original ideas, even though they created their own story.
  • Lucas's sequel trilogy would have focused on the Skywalker family, with Han and Leia's child playing a crucial role.
  • Disney's sequel trilogy featured original ideas that felt like concepts Lucas himself would have created.
Disney's Star Wars sequel trilogy was not what George Lucas originally planned, but it still contains several ideas he would have done in his version. Lucas' Star Wars sequel trilogy plans were completed before he sold the franchise to Disney in 2012, but they ultimately decided to create their own story rather than using his treatments. The result was a trilogy that attempted to recapture the magic of the originals, full of choices that Lucas would never have approved of.
Despite not using Lucas' scripts, the Star Wars writers took inspiration from his ideas and integrated some elements into the sequel trilogy. Other aspects didn't originate with Lucas, but they feel like concepts he would have come up with. Based on what Lucas has revealed about his original pitch, combined with his filmmaking style, 10 things in the Star Wars sequel trilogy align with his vision and mirror how he would have approached the final entries of the saga.


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