Grand Admiral Thrawn Posed A Major Problem For Star Wars Rebels - & He Will For Everything After Ahsoka

  • Thrawn's recurring issue in Star Wars Rebels of having to lose in order to fit into the original trilogy persists in future Star Wars canon stories, making him less impactful as a villain.
  • Thrawn's continuous defeats throughout the New Republic era will make him underwhelming as a threat, as the heroes keep winning in order to not clash with the story of the Star Wars sequels.
  • Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have the potential to make Thrawn compelling by showing his impact on the galaxy, despite his eventual defeat in the New Republic era.
The biggest issue with Star Wars' Grand Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars Rebels will persist throughout the projects releasing after Ahsoka season 1. Star Wars' Grand Admiral Thrawn was first introduced to Star Wars canon in Rebels season 3 before being exiled from the galaxy for over a decade. Thrawn then returned in Ahsoka season 1 and is expected to be the primary villain of Star Wars' upcoming The Mandalorian movie.


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