10 Most Wasted DCEU Heroes In Its Entire 10 Year Run

  • The DCEU struggled with including fan-favorite characters due to mischaracterization, lack of screen time, and unresolved character arcs.
  • Batman's role in the DCEU was repeatedly cut down, preventing him from getting his own solo film and truly shining as a character.
  • Characters like The Flash, Cyborg, and Martian Manhunter were underdeveloped and didn't receive the focus and attention they deserved in the franchise.
Over the course of its existence, the DCEU has severely fumbled the inclusion of many fan-favorite characters. After ten long years, the DC cinematic universe has drawn to a close, having a tumultuous mix of fan and critical reception across its movies. Part of what held the films back were their strange decisions on character inclusion. Whether it was through mischaracterization, a lack of screen time, or unresolved character arcs, the DCEU has struggled with using their roster of comics characters to their full potential.
With so many classic superheroes to pull from, it's understandable that the film series had difficulty settling on who to focus on. But the introduction of multiple characters at the same time in various team-up movies stunted the development of many of their arcs. As a result, some of DC's most iconic heroes battled one another for screentime, the franchise eager to catch up to Marvel Studios' release of The Avengers the year before the DCEU began with Man Of Steel. Other times, the movie series simply squandered the potential of who they did choose to include, completely re-writing important characters while relegating others to the sidelines.


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