Could Loki Lift Mjolnir After Loki Season 2’s Ending?

  • Loki's transformation from villain to hero in the season 2 finale of Loki is narratively significant and showcases the complexity of being a hero in the MCU.
  • The ability to lift Mjolnir has been used as a visual representation of a hero's worthiness, and based on Loki's selfless sacrifice, he seems worthy of wielding the enchanted hammer.
  • If Loki returns to the MCU, a reunion with Thor where Loki lifts Mjolnir would be a powerful moment, fulfilling Thor's belief in the heroic potential of his brother.
The Loki season 2 finale powerfully transforms Loki, who was once the MCU's first major villain, into arguably its most important hero - but can he lift Mjolnir? The once God of Mischief resigned himself to sit alone at the end of time, holding the branches of the multiverse together to save the TVA, his friends, and multiple realities from being torn apart. Loki season 2's ending was as narratively significant as it was emotional because it not only solidified that the multiverse is here to stay but also that the very being keeping it together and saving countless lives is the one who once ended lives remorselessly and thirsted for power.
Loki's ending speaks to the complexity of being a hero, which has been a consistent theme throughout the MCU. Most MCU heroes have troubled pasts and character flaws that make them more compelling to watch, as they prove that being a hero is something you choose, not something you are, and heroes don't always make perfect decisions. The ability to lift Mjolnir has served as a clever way to visualize this complexity. Though the Avengers have done incredible things, most of them cannot lift Mjolnir, an ability only granted to those deemed worthy. Now that Loki has made an incredible sacrifice, it is interesting to consider whether he could lift the enchanted hammer.


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