The MCU"s Next Strongest Avenger Was Already Set Up Two Years Ago

  • The MCU may introduce an incredibly powerful hero, Sentry, in Thunderbolts, utilizing a backstory established in Spider-Man: No Way Home's memory wipe spell.
  • Sentry's backstory involves gaining immense power, but also creating a destructive alter ego called The Void, which led to a memory wipe the entire world.
  • Connecting Sentry's story to Doctor Strange adds coherence to the MCU and aligns with Strange's history of delving into dangerous magic. The inclusion of Sentry would contribute to a more connected and shared universe feel.
Reports indicate that the MCU may get a new strongest Avenger in Thunderbolts, and the character's unique and complicated backstory was already set up in the middle of Phase 4. After maintaining a reasonably contained group of heroes in the lead-up to Avengers: Infinity War, the franchise has expanded rapidly since. The post-Endgame MCU has seen new powerful heroes like Shang-Chi and Monica Rambeau emerge, as well as newly empowered ones like the Scarlet Witch. While this has changed the hierarchy of power in the MCU, it seems Marvel Studios isn't done upping the ante.
Thunderbolts is set to feature the return of MCU characters Red Guardian, Yelena Belova, Bucky Barnes, Ghost, US Agent, Taskmaster, and more, but details beyond the Thunderbolts main cast of characters have remained scarce. In February, Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead and Invincible fame was cast in an undisclosed role, and recent reports seem to confirm he'll be playing the incredibly powerful hero Sentry. However, Sentry has one of the more complicated and important backstories in Marvel Comics. Fortunately, the perfect way to adapt it was already set up two years ago.


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