Star Wars" Sequel Trilogy Copied The OT - But It Really Needed To Learn From George Lucas" Prequels

  • The Star Wars sequel trilogy should have taken inspiration from George Lucas' prequels instead of focusing on the originals.
  • The sequel trilogy's structure closely followed the original trilogy, hindering its potential and making the story feel unoriginal.
  • The sequel trilogy's backstory was poorly developed, with crucial events happening off-screen, which could have been improved by following the prequel trilogy's structure.
The team behind the Star Wars sequel trilogy set out to recapture the magic of the originals, but they should have taken inspiration from George Lucas' prequels instead. The Star Wars prequel trilogy was highly divisive among fans in the years leading up to the Disney acquisition, and audiences were vocal about their desire for OT-style Star Wars content. Disney happily obliged when Star Wars returned to theaters in 2015, with every sequel trilogy and standalone film drawing heavily from the originals.
Unfortunately, this also created problems that modern Star Wars has never fully recovered from. Viewers eventually felt that there wasn't enough variety in the Star Wars movies and TV shows, with fans of the prequel trilogy calling for more stories set in that era. However, a specific aspect of the prequels would have dramatically improved the Star Wars sequel trilogy and the story it was trying to tell.


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