One Star Wars Lightsaber Secret Reveals The Ancient History Of The Jedi

  • The lightsaber combat form known as Form I (Shii-Cho) is called the Way of the Sarlacc, highlighting its ancient origins and its ability to engage multiple opponents.
  • The sarlacc's long lifespan mirrors the enduring nature of Shii-Cho, which remains relevant despite the development of more advanced forms.
  • The name Way of the Sarlacc also symbolizes the early history of the Jedi Knights, as they traveled the galaxy, much like sarlacc spores, in order to help others and follow the will of the Force throughout Star Wars history.
The name of the Star Wars franchise’s most basic lightsaber combat form may reveal a key element of the Jedi Order’s ancient history. Lightsabers are the signature weapons of both the heroic Jedi Knights and their ancient enemies, the villainous Sith Lords, with the latter initially being a Jedi splinter group. As the creators and one of the undisputed masters of the iconic, Force-imbued weapons, the Jedi and Sith also created a multitude of combat forms for lightsabers.
There are seven basic lightsaber combat forms, though there are numerous variants of each. Notably, each of the seven classic forms is named after a creature. Form III (Soresu) is called the Way of the Mynock, likely due to the form’s defensive nature and the mynock’s ability to survive the vacuum of space. Form V (Djem So and Shien) is known as the Way of the Krayt Dragon, as it blends blinding speed with power and dominance, just like the fast and powerful krayt dragons of Tatooine. The alternate name of Form I (Shii-Cho) speaks to both the form itself and the Jedi Order’s early history.


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