Marvel Removed This Final Agatha Scene from WandaVision's Finale (Video)

Kathryn Hahn"s Agatha Harkness had a scene that was removed from WandaVision"s season finale on Disney+.
Giving fans a taste of her magical abilities in the MCU"s first Phase 4 project, Agatha and Wanda Maximoff finally went toe-to-toe with one another in WandaVision"s final episode before her tragic defeat.
But after Elizabeth Olsen"s powerful leading character got the best of Hahn"s antagonist, Agatha was confined to Wanda"s Hex-influenced Westview for the foreseeable future - complete with the "90s-set sitcom reality.
Agatha in Deleted Scene from WandaVision FinaleMarvel Studios released a 14-second deleted scene from Episode 9 of WandaVision featuring Kathryn Hahn"s Agatha Harkness.
The sequence pushes in on the aftermath of the final battle from WandaVision"s finale, with FBI agents making their rounds in Westview to find out what happened.
Marvel StudiosWhen an EMT asks Agatha if she"s injured, she sips some apple juice and throws back a perfect sitcom-style quip, saying, "No, I’m not, handsome, but I could always use some mouth-to-mouth" as the laugh track ensues.
Marvel StudiosThe full clip can be seen below:
When Will Agatha Return to the MCU?While WandaVision was confirmed to be a one-season endeavor for Marvel Studios, Kathryn Hahn is far from done playing Agatha Harkness.
She"s already confirmed to lead the way in her own spin-off series entitled Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, which will pick her story up where it left off in Westview as she looks to rediscover her place in the grand MCU landscape.
In many ways, Darkhold Diaries will serve as a direct follow-up to WandaVision without the Scarlet Witch or Vision.
After a handful of delays to its release date and a trio of different titles, MCU fans are anxious to see just how much Agatha"s magic will be a factor across future Marvel Studios titles.
WandaVision is available to stream on Disney+. Meanwhile, Agatha: Darkhold Diaries is currently slated for a September 19, 2024 release.


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