Madame Web Suits Up After The Sony Movie Trailer In Realistic Spider-Man Art

  • Sony's Spider-Man Universe is set for a big year in 2024 with three new films, including Madame Web featuring Dakota Johnson as the iconic Spider-Man heroine.
  • The first trailer for Madame Web reveals an origin story, showing Cassandra as a younger character with clairvoyant abilities, forging relationships with three young women.
  • The movie introduces Julia Carpenter, Mattie Franklin, and Anya Corazon as Spider-Women, while Ezekiel Sims emerges as the central antagonist, wearing his own Spider-Man-like costume.
New Marvel fan art imagines what Dakota Johnson's Cassandra Webb might look like with her own costume in the Madame Web movie. Sony's Spider-Man Universe is about to have its biggest year in 2024, as Sony Pictures have not one, but three new films being released that will help flesh out the franchise. One of them will be Madame Web, focusing on the ambiguous Spider-Man heroine who will be making her live-action debut as Johnson is set to portray her.
As the first Madame Web movie trailer dropped on November 15, 2023, the world finally got a first look at the first 2024 installment in Sony's Spider-Man Universe. With several spider-heroines showing up in the movie, Arifinity shared new artwork of what Johnson may look like as the Marvel character when fully suited up.
While most Spider-Man and Marvel fans are used to seeing Cassandra as an elderly woman, Madame Web will be an origin story instead, depicting her at an earlier point in her life. Outside of her live-action debut, Madame Web has only appeared in various Spider-Man animated properties, with Spider-Man: The Animated Series still being the one show to have featured her the most.


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