Avengers 5 Can Finally Make Use Of An Unused 11-Year-Old Hawkeye Plot Promise

  • Avengers: The Kang Dynasty could tie up loose ends and deliver a long-awaited future for Hawkeye in the MCU.
  • The film has the potential to make Clint Barton a team leader, building upon his character development in previous movies and the Hawkeye series.
  • Hawkeye doesn't need to lead the Avengers to have a fulfilling future, as the MCU has shown a willingness to introduce different teams, providing Hawkeye with an opportunity to lead another team while a major character leads the core Avengers.
Avengers: The Kang Dynasty could pay off a Hawkeye MCU story that was first teased over a decade ago. While the line-up for Avengers 5 has not yet been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios, Clint Barton is expected to return alongside other former Avengers like Thor and Bruce Banner/Hulk. Despite Avengers 5's production problems of late, the film is still scheduled for a 2026 release date that could pay off a host of teases from the MCU's Multiverse Saga.
However, through characters like Hawkeye, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty's story could even go as far as to wrap up forgotten plot points from the Infinity Saga. One of these teases in question goes as far back as 2012's The Avengers and concerns Hawkeye's MCU future. While Hawkeye's role in the Infinity Saga was not as vital as characters like Tony Stark/Iron Man or Steve Rogers/Captain America, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty could rectify this by providing Clint Barton with an MCU future that is over a decade in the making.


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