10 Most Underrated Moments In DCEU Movies

  • Shazam's sacrifice in Fury of the Gods is a genuinely tragic moment in an otherwise humor-filled film, showcasing the character's heroic nature.
  • Despite its flaws, Suicide Squad has an exciting scene featuring Batman and Joker during a car chase, reminiscent of comic book and animated adaptations.
  • Blue Beetle may not have been commercially successful, but it offers heartfelt and emotional moments, such as Jaime Reyes reuniting with his deceased father in a near-death experience.
With its final installment on the horizon, the DC Extended Universe will soon be soft-rebooted into the DC Universe, but it will leave behind numerous underrated moments. After failing to initiate a shared DC movie universe with 2011’s disastrous Green Lantern, Warner Bros made another attempt in 2013 with Man of Steel, a film that, while divisive, was a heartfelt adaptation of the Superman mythos that respected the source material. Unfortunately, the fledgling DCEU rushed into crossovers to keep up with the pop culture phenomenon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and struggled to find its footing ever since.
The DCEU timeline got its three most important heroes - Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman - right, but the franchise itself was not only rushed but also constantly tried to reinvent itself either in competition with the MCU or simply to find its footing in the superhero movie genre. Despite its shortcomings and divisive choices, the DCEU still produced plenty of excellent films with a multitude of moments that are perhaps underappreciated by viewers.


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