10 Best Original Characters In The MCU Not From Marvel Comics

  • The MCU has introduced original characters that weren't adapted from Marvel Comics, adding depth to its interconnected narrative.
  • Characters like Harley Keener, Darcy Lewis, and Phil Coulson have become fan favorites, bringing humor and support to the main heroes.
  • Original characters like Sylvie Laufeydottir and Layla El-Faouly have played significant roles in the Multiverse Saga and Moon Knight, respectively, showcasing the franchise's commitment to representation and diversity.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe features a wealth of Marvel characters, but some of the franchise's best actually weren't adapted from the comics. The TV shows and movies of the MCU have established one of cinema's biggest and most successful shared universes, primarily adapting beloved stories and characters from Marvel Comics to live-action under one single cinematic franchise. Many of the franchise's greatest successes have been adaptations of key Marvel Comics storylines, such as the MCU's Infinity Saga, which defined Phases 1 through 3 of the franchise. Since its inception, the MCU has brought a wealth of Marvel heroes and villains to life on the big screen.
However, not all MCU characters are adapted from the comics. Across the MCU's timeline of movies and shows, multiple original characters have been created and introduced into the franchise, adding to the rich tapestry of its large interconnected narrative. Though most of the MCU's main and most important characters exist in one form or another in the comics, the franchise regularly uses original characters in supporting and comedic roles, enriching the stories of connected heroes and villains and setting the franchise's story apart from the source material. Here are the 10 best original characters in the MCU not from Marvel Comics.


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