Loki"s Last Line Is Even More Gut-Wrenching In Stunning Loki Season 2 Finale Art

  • Loki's iconic last line "For You. For All of Us." in the season 2 finale is beautifully represented in new fan art, showcasing his sacrifice and the importance of his friends.
  • The season 2 finale of Loki leaves the character trapped and alone, but the possibility of his return in the future is strong, especially considering his role in holding the multiverse together.
  • Loki's potential reunion with his friends and even Thor could happen in the future as they unite to protect the multiverse from Kang the Conqueror or other powerful villains.
Loki's last line in the Loki season 2 finale gets a beautiful representation in new Marvel Cinematic Universe fan art. Loki season 2's ending left Tom Hiddleston's character in a new predicament. Loki is now destined to hold the multiverse together, which at the same time saves all his friends but leaves him trapped all alone.
On Twitter, @uzuriartonline focused on Loki's iconic last line from the Loki season 2 finale, "For You. For All of Us."
The emotional moment becomes even more gut-wrenching thanks to the fan art. Loki's sacrifice is put on display as he holds onto the threads of the Loki season 2 finale's World Tree. Sylvie, Mobius, OB, and more appear above Loki, showing who he sacrificed himself for: his friends.


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