Why Kanan"s Eye Sight Returned In Star Wars Rebels" Biggest Moment

  • Kanan Jarrus regaining his eyesight in Star Wars Rebels signifies his personal growth and deeper connections with other characters.
  • Kanan's sacrifice and reunion with Hera before his death highlight his journey and fulfillment of his promise to her.
  • Kanan's ability to see again is a result of his surrender to the Force and his freedom from physical limitations.
Kanan Jarrus' eyesight returning in one of the biggest moments of Star Wars Rebels brings even deeper connections to the rest of the story and its characters. The former Jedi Padawan and master of Ezra Bridger lost his sight in a duel with Darth Maul on Malachor, resulting in him having to deepen his bond with the Force to make sense of the galaxy around him once again. Kanan went through a tough trial, but ultimately strengthened himself through the experience as he passed on all that knowledge and wisdom to Ezra before tragedy struck.
The moment when Kanan sacrifices himself to save the rest of the Ghost crew from an explosion on Lothal is no doubt one of the series' biggest and most unexpected moments. Just minutes after his and Hera's tender reunion, the death of Kanan is a hard blow for the characters and viewers alike, though it also signifies how far Kanan has come along in his own personal journey. The restoration of his eyesight has always seemed to symbolize this arc of him seeing life through a new lens, but there are more reasons as to why Kanan was able to see once again as a part of his Star Wars Rebels ending.


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