10 Marvel Characters Who Are Way Weaker In The MCU Than In The Comics

  • MCU characters are often weakened for the sake of plot, but the power disparity between live-action and comic book versions can be frustrating for fans.
  • Characters like Mantis, Von Strucker, and Adam Warlock have had their powers downplayed in the MCU, limiting their full potential.
  • Kang the Conqueror, Drax, Ultron, Klaw, Odin, Vision, and Hulk have all been portrayed with less power than their comic book counterparts, missing out on opportunities to showcase their true abilities.
The MCU is no stranger to weakening characters for the sake of plot, but for some, the gulf in power between the live-action and comic book iterations is particularly vast. Marvel Comics is known for going to extreme lengths with the feats its heroes and villains are able to pull off, which include tearing through space and time like they are made of paper. Sometimes, however, the nerfing of fan-favorite MCU characters carries a significant sting.
The justifications for hamstringing characters are pretty understandable, as Marvel is responsible for maintaining a balance and ensuring that the MCU's most understated characters, like Hawkeye, get their time in the spotlight. While watching these powerful Marvel heroes on the big screen often takes a healthy dose of the suspension of disbelief, there are some things that heroes are capable of in the comics that are better left off of the big screen. With that being said, these characters should have been given more power, even if only slightly.


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