10 DCEU Characters We Wish We’d Seen More Of Before The Franchise Was Rebooted

  • The DCEU characters' stories are left unresolved with the transition to the new DCU, impacting some characters more than others.
  • Green Lantern almost joined the Justice League in the DCEU, but plans for his solo movie led to him being replaced by Martian Manhunter.
  • Ray Fisher's Cyborg is the main character in Zack Snyder's Justice League and his story is redeemed, setting him up for a potential future in the DCEU.
The DCEU includes many characters whose potentially was never fully seen before the beginning of the DCU. Following the formation of DC Studios, DC on film is effectively going back to the beginning with a new cinematic universe, dubbed the DCU. The DCU will have a soft beginning with the 2024 animated series Creature Commandos, before truly kicking off in earnest with 2025's Superman: Legacy, written and directed by DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn.
With the beginning of the DCU, the preceding DCEU franchise is also being left unfinished, with the stories of its heroes and villains left unresolved. The very unfortunate byproduct of this is that many DCEU characters and stories are being left incomplete or not fully explored. This changeover from the DCEU to James Gunn's DCU is also impacting some characters more than others, including some who either never had solo movies or some who were just beginning to hit major points in their respective character arcs. Here are 10 DCEU characters whose stories are the most unfortunately ended by the beginning of the DCU.


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