Sinister Star Wars Theory Gives The Real Reason Sabine Betrayed Ahsoka

  • Sabine heard Ezra's voice calling to her in a dream in Ahsoka episode 1.
  • The Great Mothers, powerful Nightsister witches, may have sensed Sabine's connection to Ezra and manipulated her emotions to ensure she would betray Ahsoka and help Thrawn.
  • The influence of the Great Mothers may have been strongest on the planet Seatos, where they may have encouraged Sabine to give the map back to Baylan, using her weakened emotional state against her.
One sinister Ahsoka theory may explain why Sabine betrayed Ahsoka on Seatos. During the first few episodes of Ahsoka, Sabine Wren and Ahsoka Tano’s relationship was strained. And yet, as any master and apprentice duo must, they eventually set aside their differences for the good of the galaxy, working together to try and stop Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth and her mercenaries from finding the map to Peridea, which held the secret to locating Grand Admiral Thrawn and, by extension, the Jedi Ezra Bridger. The pair came close to succeeding, too, if only Baylan Skoll hadn’t defeated Ahsoka in a lightsaber duel and Sabine hadn’t been blinded by her grief and hope.
After Ahsoka’s “death,” Sabine was left with a difficult choice – destroy the map and lose Ezra forever, or honor her master’s wishes and prevent Thrawn’s return, once and for all. But Sabine, not yet a fully-trained Jedi, let her emotions get the best of her, the prospect of seeing her friend again after all she had lost overshadowing her better judgment. In the end, Ezra made it home, but so did Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Ahsoka and Sabine are still stuck in Star Wars’ secondary galaxy. But it’s possible something much more sinister was happening. Sabine’s emotions might have been manipulated by an outside force.
Sabine Sensed Ezra Calling To Her... But He Was Surprised To See Her On Peridea In the first episode of Ahsoka, “Part One: Master and Apprentice,” Sabine wakes up from a dream after hearing voices in her head. One of the voices is unmistakable – Ezra Bridger. After his sudden and dramatic disappearance in the Star Wars Rebels series finale, it’s unsurprising that Sabine would still dream of him all those years later. But, given her Jedi training with Ahsoka, however brief, those voices suddenly became much more important. It almost seemed as though Ezra was calling to Sabine through the Force, urging her to find him and bring him home.
Ezra used his connection with the purrgil, Star Wars' space whales, to defeat Grand Admiral Thrawn and transport them both to Star Wars' secondary galaxy in Star Wars Rebels.
Calling to each other through the Force is certainly not unheard of, and even though Sabine was yet to unlock her full potential, anything was possible. And yet, if Ezra had somehow connected with Sabine through the Force, on any level, one would expect that he’d have sensed her presence when she arrived on Peridea. But clearly, he hadn’t. Though he was ecstatic to see her and unbelievably grateful that she’d come to find him, he was not only surprised by her appearance but unaware of her status as a Jedi trainee, too. Which begs the question – where did those voices come from, if it wasn’t Ezra himself trying to connect with her?
Was Sabine Being Manipulated By The Great Mothers All Along? Ahsoka introduced the Great Mothers, three incredibly powerful Nightsister witches who were helping Thrawn plot his escape from Star Wars’ secondary galaxy. Ahsoka implied that the Nightsisters were able to communicate with their fellow sister, Lady Morgan Elsbeth, despite being in different galaxies, whispering instructions into her ear from afar. As such, it seems plausible that the Great Mothers may have sensed Sabine’s connection to Ezra, too. Perhaps they manipulated her feelings as an insurance policy of some kind. Sabine is strong, but she also loves her friends and family fiercely, and Ezra was counting on her to find him. Understandably, she would go to great lengths to find him, even if that meant betraying Ahsoka’s trust in a moment of desperation – especially if someone was encouraging her to.


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