All 3 Seasons Of The Mandalorian, Ranked Worst To Best

  • All 3 seasons of The Mandalorian have all contributed to cementing its legacy as one of Star Wars' very best pieces of media, with Din Djarin and Grogu both quickly becoming Star Wars icons.
  • Despite its flaws, The Mandalorian season 3 still had successful moments, such as the live-action debut of Mandalore and Katee Sackhoff's character's story of redemption.
  • The Mandalorian season 2 is regarded as the highest-ranked season, with its surprises, meaningful moments between Din and Grogu, and the emotional finale that left viewers cheering and crying.
As the first Star Wars live-action TV show, The Mandalorian cemented its place in the galaxy's history early on, and it has since garnered a decorated and highly-praised legacy. From the moment Pedro Pascal's Din Djarin and Grogu met in the premiere of The Mandalorian, the Star Wars TV show became a global phenomenon, not only generating millions of inescapable "Baby Yoda" memes, but also paving the way for the future of Star Wars storytelling. The Mandalorian has left many new spin-off Star Wars shows in its wake, in addition to beginning a brand-new era of Star Wars that will soon be culminating into one of Star Wars' first cinematic events since the conclusion of the Skywalker saga.
The Mandalorian has since churned out 3 seasons, with The Mandalorian season 4 on the way. Each season has developed the world of Din and Grogu in its own way, with the scope of the story getting wider and wider with every new installment. Despite each season's individual receptions, they have all been considered as successes in their own ways, adding on to The Mandalorian's growing legacy. Here are all 3 seasons of The Mandalorian, ranked worst to best.


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