Thor’s Unseen Post-Credits Events Secretly Explain Loki’s Phase 5 Arc

  • Unseen post-credits events in Thor explain Loki's Phase 5 arc as a different Loki who never underwent redemption.
  • Tom Hiddleston reveals that Loki survived by encountering terrible people and had awful experiences in the universe.
  • Loki's memories of Thor in Loki Season 2 aren't as heartfelt as his Sacred Timeline counterpart, making calls for their reunion more justified.
Unseen post-credits events in Thor can help to explain Loki's somewhat confusing MCU Phase 5 arc, which technically stars a Loki that never went through the same redemptive events experienced by the original Loki, who was ultimately crushed by Thanos. It isn't just the MCU post-credits scenes depicted on screen that can often carry a significant impact on the wider MCU. In fact, considerations surrounding what has happened between movies after the credits have rolled can often engender some interesting questions about a character's overall arc. Thankfully, Tom Hiddleston himself is very good at answering these questions about his MCU character, which is especially beneficial given Loki's complex MCU timeline.
In The Art of Marvel's The Avengers, Tom Hiddleston gave his account of what happened after the ending of Thor. While the official post-credits scene saw Loki meddling in the affairs of Earth once more, there was still the matter of how he survived in the first place, given Loki was shown falling through a wormhole in space and time, which was created by the destruction of the Rainbow Bridge on Asgard. As was later revealed, this led to Loki going on a solo saga through the universe, encountering, in Tom Hiddleston's words, some "terrible, terrible, people." The full quote can be read below:
At the end of Thor, Loki lets go of that spear and falls into a wormhole. And the question in the audience's mind, one hopes, is what happens to Loki in that moment? And in the time between the end of Thor and the beginning of The Avengers, Loki has explored the shadowy highways and byways of the universe - and he's met some terrible, terrible people and probably had some awful experiences, which he has survived and overcome. So by the time he arrives in The Avengers, he knows the extent of his power - and he's unafraid to use it. And more importantly, he's unafraid to enjoy it."


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