Loki Season 2’s Ending Is Ironically Exactly What Loki Wanted 11 Years Ago

  • The finale of Loki season 2 shows Loki sacrificing himself to protect his friends and watch over the multiverse.
  • This mirrors Loki's desire from The Avengers to rule Earth and bring peace to humans.
  • The intensity of Loki's fate is heightened by the fact that it aligns with his desires from Phase 1 and follows the same version of the character from The Avengers.
The end of season 2 of Loki sees the God of Mischief become the key to the multiverse, and Loki’s fate ironically mirrors his earlier MCU desires. Loki was introduced in Thor as an unreliable character, but he didn’t make his true debut as a villain until The Avengers. He has since gone on a journey as an anti-hero with multiple MCU appearances, and the Loki series was the first project to truly focus on the deeper roots of the character.
In the finale of season 2 of Loki, Loki destroys the Temporal Loom and uses his magic to revive the dying timelines. He commits himself to a fate of solitude, sitting alone at the End of Time to watch over the multiverse. The sacrifice shows just how much Loki has grown considering that he did this primarily to protect the lives of his friends from the TVA. However, there’s actually a deeper parallel to his Loki fate that mirrors Loki’s Phase 1 desires.


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