10 Coolest Superhero Suits In The Spider-Verse Movie Franchise, Ranked

  • Metro Boomin's cameo in the Spider-Verse franchise as a hero with a black and white costume is a cool addition to the series.
  • Peter B. Parker's debut with his super-powered daughter, Mayday, in Across the Spider-Verse adds a sweeter and happier element to the Spider-Man story.
  • While Miles Morales' new suit in Across the Spider-Verse is cleaner and sleeker, some may argue that his previous homemade look had more personality.
Sony's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and its sequel, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, are almost unrivaled in their visual fidelity, and the wonderful artistry that goes into the movie's designs extends to the vibrant and varied superhero suits worn by the various Spider-People. When an animated Spider-Man movie starring Miles Morales was announced, it was easy to blow off yet another Spider-Man project in the midst of so many reboots and sequels. However, once the first clips were released, it became clear that this Marvel movie from Sony Pictures Animation was something special.
Fortunately, both movies lived up to the promise of their incredible visuals with affecting narratives and memorable characters. Multiverse stories may be in vogue right now, but the deep roster of Spider-Man variants in the Spider-Verse movies warrants vibrant costumes to emphasize each person's unique personality and past. While eache is great in its own way, a few stand above the rest as the best Spider-Man-inspired superhero suits in Sony's animated Spider-Man franchise.


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