The DCU"s First Movie Ignored A Perfect Batman Reference Set Up 6 Years Ago

  • Blue Beetle missed an easy opportunity to reference Batman through the Bug Ship, which bears a resemblance to the Knightcrawler from the DCEU's past.
  • The intentional vagueness of Blue Beetle's Easter eggs allows the film to be placed in either the DCEU or DCU, giving James Gunn more freedom for future storytelling.
  • Referencing the Knightcrawler would have firmly tied Blue Beetle to the DCEU, limiting the flexibility of its placement in DC's timeline and hindering the transition into a retconned DCU property.
The DCU's first movie, Blue Beetle, missed the perfect opportunity to reference the Batman franchise. While still being included under the umbrella of the DCEU, James Gunn's confirmation that Jaime Reyes is the first official character in the filmmaker's rebooted universe unofficially makes Blue Beetle integral to the DCU's future. As the linchpin between the two franchises, Blue Beetle naturally makes several references to the wider world of superheroes.
By the time of Blue Beetle's cliffhanger ending, it is clear that the film includes set up for a sequel that could be picked up by Gunn and his DC compatriot Peter Safran in the future. If this were the case, Blue Beetle's wider DC Easter eggs could link to either the past DCEU or its rebooted counterpart, just as the movie itself could. That said, despite the plethora of references found throughout the film, Blue Beetle somehow missed the most obvious way to tie into the world of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Gotham's Dark Knight.


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