10 Most Tragic MCU Sacrifices That Cost Characters The Most

  • Thanos shed a tear when sacrificing his daughter for the Soul Stone, showing regret for his actions in the name of the universe.
  • Star-Lord rejected his god-like powers to help others, proving that true heroism lies in making the right choices rather than relying on superpowers.
  • Vision's sacrifice for the greater good was rendered pointless as Thanos effortlessly reversed it, highlighting the hopeless situation of Avengers: Infinity War.
When it comes to carrying out the duties of a superhero, tragic sacrifices are a dime a dozen; but there are a number in the MCU that cost some characters more than others. While making the "ultimate sacrifice" and laying down one's life for the betterment of earth, the universe, or the multiverse is perhaps the most cut-and-dry example, the MCU has a knack for upping the stakes and portraying sacrifices that can surpass even that. These sacrifices aren't too black-and-white to be confined to just the good guys, either, with sympathetic MCU villains proving that they are just as capable.
Whether being committed by the apparent arch-villain or one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes themselves, the moments that see these characters pay huge prices in pursuit of the greater good can comprise the most character-defining moments in the MCU. There is a lot to be said for those seminal MCU moments that have the audience questioning whether they could have done the same. With that in mind, here are the biggest MCU sacrifices that most effectively pose that exact question.


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