10 Most Ridiculous Superpowers In DC’s Entire Movie History

  • TDK's detaching abilities in The Suicide Squad are pretty much useless, as his arms can be shot and cause him pain.
  • Polka-Dot Man's interdimensional spots in The Suicide Squad disintegrate whatever they touch but look ridiculous.
  • Superman's power to turn back time in Superman (1978) by flying around the Earth is undeniably too cartoony and unrealistic.
Despite several great displays of power, some ridiculous superpowers have appeared in DC movies through the years. Over the years, a great deal of DC Comics' most powerful heroes have made a trip to the big screen. Some of the DC heroes who have been featured in one or more movies include Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Lantern, The Flash, and many more. Multiple past DC films, and even the very best movies in the DCEU, have brought truly ridiculous superpowers to the forefront.
DC should continue that practice of adapting weird superpowers in films with the upcoming movies in the new DC Universe. After all, James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, the director's first DC movie before he was ever appointed to co-lead DC Studios, was responsible for featuring many characters with odd superpowers. The DCU might not be the only source for ridiculous superpowers in DC's movie future, as The Batman star Robert Pattinson hopes to see one of his sequels include the ludicrous villain Condiment King. With many possible weird superpowers to come, here are 10 of the most ridiculous DC movie powers so far.


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