One Genius Star Wars Detail Ties Rogue One & Solo Together

  • Both Rogue One and Solo end in the exact same way, with both featuring shots of characters jumping to hyperspace, emphasizing the connection between the two films.
  • The ending shots of both films hold a deeper meaning, symbolizing the bond between Han Solo and Leia Organa before either of them meets one another.
  • Both films include set up for A New Hope, with Rogue One focusing on the stolen Death Star plans and Solo tying into Han's later involvement with Jabba.
A perfect Star Wars detail has been found in the ending sequences of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Solo: A Star Wars Story that ties the two anthology films together. Despite being separated by around a decade, Solo and Rogue One both take place in a very similar era of the Star Wars timeline. When watching the Star Wars movies in order, Solo comes first before jumping directly to Rogue One, with both providing apt setup for the original 1977 Star Wars. Since their release, both of Disney's anthology Star Wars films have seen differing levels of success.
While Solo failed at the box office, the film became somewhat of a cult classic among fans. Concerning Rogue One, the story is being continued in upcoming Star Wars TV shows. Despite not receiving a direct sequel itself, Andor season 1 continued the story of one of the film's major characters with Andor season 2's story set to tie even more closely to the 2016 film. Though neither film features any overt connections to the other, a subtle, genius detail has been found that ties the two disparate anthology films together in a perfect way that also links to two of the Skywalker Saga’s most iconic characters.


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