Star Wars: All 3 Of Luke Skywalker"s Canon Lightsabers Explained

  • Luke Skywalker owned three different lightsabers over the course of Star Wars canon, making him one of the franchise's most prominent figures.
  • Luke's blue lightsaber, originally owned by his father Anakin Skywalker, was lost when Vader chopped off his hand in The Empire Strikes Back. It was later buried on Tatooine.
  • After losing his original weapon, Luke used a yellow lightsaber acquired from an old outpost, but it's unclear what happened to it in canon. He later constructed a green lightsaber, which remained on Ahch-To with the Caretakers after his death.
Luke Skywalker became the owner of a total of three different lightsabers over the course of Star Wars canon. The character, played by Mark Hamill for a span of four decades, serves as one of the most prominent figures of the franchise. After starring as the young hero in George Lucas' original Star Wars trilogy, Luke returned to the spotlight for Star Wars: The Last Jedi (after a cameo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens). As one of the first characters to wield a lightsaber, the weapon has become synonymous with Luke.
Luke acquired two notable lightsabers in the Star Wars movies, but the character used a third weapon in a recent comic. While the objects have been important aspects of the film series, the lightsabers have also been integral to canon materials. In turn, more details about the weapons' presence have been unearthed. Here's a breakdown of Luke's three lightsabers, including how he obtained them and what happened to them.


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