10 DC Movie Fights That Were Genuinely Hard To Watch 

  • - DC movies showcase intense fight scenes that can be hard to watch due to their unique brutality.
  • - The fighting skills of DC superheroes, such as Batman and Superman, are portrayed with great vigor, pushing fight choreography to the extreme.
  • - These fight scenes serve to establish the sheer might, swiftness, and unpredictability of DC heroes, highlighting their intense fights and intimidation factor.
While DC movies have many great fight scenes, some can be genuinely hard to watch due to their unique brutality. The heroes of DC Comics wield many powers and weapons to fight villains, and most are very well-versed in different disciplines of martial arts. For DC movies, bringing the fighting skills of DC superheroes to life cinematically is a daunting task, but many have done so with great vigor.
In the interest of portraying the sheer might and fighting skills of their heroes, some fight scenes in the DCEU and other DC continuities push things to the extreme, with fight choreography and moments of rough brutality. This is mainly true for heroes like Batman - who are synonymous with their intense fights and intimidation factor - but isn't solely unique to them, with figures like Superman also picking up their own share of hard to watch fights because of their powers.


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