Marvel Releases First Poster for Sydney Sweeney's Spider-Woman

Sydney Sweeney received her first official Spider-Woman poster amidst a new promotional campaign for Marvel and Sony Pictures" Madame Web
Best known for Euphoria and most recently Anyone But You, Sweeney joined Sony"s Spider-Man Universe and the cast of Madame Web in 2022 where she was later revealed to be playing Julia Carpenter. 
In Marvel Comics, Julia Carpenter was known as Marvel"s second Spider-Woman and eventually Cassandra Webb"s successor. 
Sydney Sweeney"s Spider-Woman PosterMarvel and Sony"s latest Madame Web promotion included Sydney Sweeney"s first poster for her character of Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman. 
This isn"t the first fans have seen of the actress" Marvel character or her costume as Madame Web trailer footage and a Chinese poster of the film"s all-female ensemble have already offered glimpses.
However, this new poster is the first solely dedicated to the star and her role of Julia Carpenter; and, like the other posters Sony and Marvel released, is completely black-and-white except for her eyes. 
MarvelOf these five new posters, Dakota Johnson"s differs in that she"s facing forward as opposed to the side or at an angle.
MarvelThis is likely because Johnson is playing Madame Web"s titular character, Cassandra "Cassie" Webb, whose clairvoyant abilities allow her to see future events.
Her poster also offers audiences a glimpse of her Madame Web costume under her signature red jacket. 
The next poster belongs to Isabela Merced who plays Anya/Araña Corazon in the Spider-Man Universe film. 
MarvelIn the comics, Anya Corazon is Spider-Girl and goes by the name Araña when in costume.
The last spider-powered heroine to receive a new Madame Web poster is Martha "Mattie" Franklin played by Celeste O"Connor. 
MarvelLike Sydney Sweeney"s Julia Carpenter, Mattie Franklin is also known as Spider-Woman in the comics. However, O"Connor"s Franklin is considered the third hero to bear the mantle. 
The fifth and final Madame Web star to receive a poster is actor Tahar Rahim who plays the film"s antagonist, Ezekiel Sims. 
MarvelFrom what has already been revealed about Madame Web, Sims was an explorer alongside Cassandra Webb"s mother who was researching spiders in the Amazon Rainforest before her death. 
Possessing spider powers of his own, Sims sports a black Spider-Man suit and is actively pursuing women who could become Spider-Woman.
What Madame Web Means For Cinema"s Spider HeroesWhile this batch of new promotional material isn"t the first fans have seen of Madame Web"s core cast, they are a reminder that Sony"s new Spidey film features five stars, including Sydney Sweeney, with Spider-related identities. 
And, while subtle, the difference between Dakota Johnson"s poster and the rest represents how Cassandra Web sees the future and their roles within it. 
The real question Spider-Man fans are asking is how this film will contribute to future plans for Sony"s Spider-Man Universe and potentially cinema"s other web-heads, including those within the MCU. 
Hopefully, audiences will leave with more answers than questions when Madame Web swings into theaters next month. 
Madame Web arrives in theaters on Wednesday, February 14.


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