Moon Girl Star Diamond White Talks MCU Appearance Prospects, Season 2 Challenges & More (Exclusive)

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur star Diamond White spoke with The Direct about Season 2 of her hit animated series and who she would want to see play the character in the MCU.
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is a crazy concept for a character: A 13-year-old with one of the largest IQs on planet Earth who has a pet T-Rex—and, in the comics, the two can switch bodies.
Marvel’s incredibly animated series managed to do what many thought was impossible: make the character easily accessible, relatable, and insanely likable. 
Diamond White Talks All About Moon Girl MarvelIn an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur star Diamond White, who voices Lunella Lafayette herself, addressed the character’s potential in the MCU, Season 2, and what crossovers she might want to see.
As of now, Moon Girl is a character the MCU itself has not ever touched or even hinted at. But, if that day does come, the 25-year-old White excitedly "hope[s] it’s [her]" who can bring the character to life in live action:
"I mean, I hope it"s me. That would be cool. I mean, I would have to grow my hair out a little bit. But, um, I hope it"s me. I mean, I know I"m a little bit older, but hey, we can [make it work]."
Outside of Lunella herself, the actress admitted she would "be grateful for any" role Marvel Studios might offer one day:
"Honestly, I"d be grateful for any of them. Because, like, I, I started off acting as a way to kind of, you know, help my family and things. And I"m just grateful for whatever I"m blessed with. I"m not a picky person. I"m just excited to be seen. That"s all."
While White has not been in the MCU herself, she worked with a star from the expansive universe: Laurence Fishburne, who played Bill Foster in Ant-Man and the Wasp and What If…?. The actor offers his voice talents in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur as both Bill Foster and the cosmic character The Beyonder.
"Working with Lawrence has been cool," White admitted, pointing out that "he’s an icon:"
"Working with Lawrence has been cool. He"s such a nerd when it comes to the comic book stuff. And he loves the comic book stuff. I remember at one Comic-Con, he had his daughter going around the convention, picking up all the little comic books that he wanted from different shows. But he"s insane to work with. Just by him being Laurence Fishburne. I mean, he"s an icon."
The actress expressed how she really "enjoy[ed] watching [Lunella and The Beyonder’s relationship show" as the show goes on:
"But it"s been an incredible [experience]... I enjoy watching [Lunella and The Beyonder"s] relationship grow because it"s started off a bit rocky, and now they"re becoming friends in a way. But working with Lawrence is really cool. He geeks out on the comic books. You can tell he"s really passionate about the show."
White revealed the famous actor shared one quote with her that has stuck with her, "If you can’t see it, you can’t be it:"
"And he said one thing to me, like, "If you can"t see it, you can"t be it." And that"s what Moon Girl kind of represents... One girl can make a difference. Just the diversity in the show is amazing to see. So I"m happy that it"s getting a good response."
It"s worth noting that Fishburne isn"t the only MCU star Diamond White worked with on the show, as she also spent some time with Cobie Smulders" Maria Hill in Season 1.
While Moon Girl is not part of the MCU, the series also tends to avoid bringing in many familiar faces. But, if the show were to bring in some bigger names, White confidently confirmed how she’d "want to see Spider-Man," and potentially even "Miles Morales" as well:
"I want to see Spider-Man. I"m a big Spider-Man fan. Big Miles Morales fan as well. I would love to see that collab happen."
When asked if there were any superheroes Lunella might have trouble getting along with, White thought for a second before noting how she "[doesn’t] think there would be:"
 "I mean, I don"t think there would be one because she started off on bad terms with The Beyonder, and they got to a place of understanding. So, if she can conquer The Beyonder relationship, I feel like she can do anything. And she can. I believe that she can."
While White may not be working with other superheroes just yet, the actress spoke about her experience recording in-person with co-stars Libe Barer and Alfre Woodard, an experience that isn’t as common as it probably should be:
"I"ve gotten to record with Libe [Barer], who plays Casey in the show. She"s in New York. I"m in LA. We"ll go over Zoom and record. And I also got to record with Alfre Woodard, and that was incredible. She walked in, ever so calmly, got her bearings, and was like, "Alright, you ready to play?" And we just bounced off of each other. It was really fun."
With Season 2 right around the corner, The Direct made sure to ask Diamond White what she thinks is the most unique element of these new episodes.
After taking a moment, the actress explained how this time around, "Lunella, aka Moon Girl, is really falling into being a superhero" and that "she really starts to believe that one girl can make a difference:"
The most unique element of season two... I think it"s the way that Lunella, aka Moon Girl, is really falling into being a superhero. Before, in season one, she was kind of staggering a bit. She didn"t really know like, "Okay, should I do the superhero thing? Like if it"s not me, then who?" I think she really starts to believe that one girl can make a difference. And it shows. I also really liked the relationship she"s building with The Beyonder. That"s one of my favorite things about Season 2 as well."
One of the main storylines that Season 2 of the animated series will introduce is the PTSD Lunella is dealing with after having survived her ordeal after the Season 1 finale.
"Mental health" is "something that I’m very passionate about," White opened up, "so it was cool to see Moon Girl go through" those struggles:
"Well, when it comes to mental health, that"s something that I"m very passionate about. So it was cool to see Moon Girl go through things like the anxieties as well, as she"s still 13. It"s like, she"s an impulsive, you know, kid. She really is a kid. But I think that mental health is something that everybody deals with and goes through, and I"m just excited to open up the conversation about it."
One of the most unique part about parts of Moon Girl’s character is how she happens to have a giant, red pet T-Rex. But what makes Devil Dinosaur the best partner a 13-year-old super genius can have?
White shared how she thinks "it’s their common understanding of each other:"
"I think that it"s their common understanding of each other. Like Lunella takes the time to learn his language and really, like, understand him. Because Hehe is the muscle behind her, you know, like, imagine seeing, you know, a 13-year-old girl and then—BAM, there"s a dinosaur right behind her."
"It’s their friendship" and "their love for one another," added White, that makes the two a dynamic duo for the ages:
"I think that it"s their friendship. It"s their love for one another and knowing that, like, all they have is each other. That"s like a common theme in the show is love and, family and friendship. And you get that between, you know, Lunella"s family and her relationship with Devil and Casey."
As for how long White plans on sticking with the show, she confidently claimed that she is "trying to do this show until the wheels fall off:"
"Oh, you know, I"m always hoping for—I"m trying to do this show until the wheels fall off. I adore this show. I think that it"s so important just to see the diversity in the representation finally on, you know, in a cartoon-like this. I"m hoping for a Season 3, we don"t know."
For those who have yet to give Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur a proper chance, White offered these reasons why everyone should give the show a shot:
 "I would say if you want a show that"s about love, family friendship, that is exciting, that is colorful, that has great music. You can turn it on for your kids. You can watch it alone. There"s no real age range. You can see yourself represented in a show like this. And it"s just all around a great show. And if that doesn"t tell you enough, we already got nominated for eight Emmys, and we took home five, so."
The entire interview can be seen below:
How Could the MCU Adapt Moon Girl?Ironically, the animated Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series has already done one thing that the MCU would probably aim to do with the character: avoid her Inhuman heritage.
They could also do what they did with Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan and make her a mutant.
While many might think the character is too over the top for the MCU, remember that some of the franchise"s most popular characters are a talking tree and raccoon—so, really, anything is possible. Adding a T-Rex to the mix is nothing.
The character could also be an easy shoo-in for any future Multiverse shenanigans. Perhaps if Battleworld ever becomes a thing (a patchwork existence made of different realities) for Avengers: Secret Wars, the MCU could easily and casually introduce Lunella Lafayette and Devil Dinosaur.
At the very least, it is fun to consider the animated series MCU adjacent like the creators do. It almost works too well.
Ahead of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur"s return, the cast recently gathered to celebrate the character at a roller skating event in Atlanta, GA.
DisneyStars Diamond White and Libe Barer even got to meet Lunella LaFayette in the flesh!
DisneyMoon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 2 premieres on Disney+ on February 2.


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