Spider-Man: No Way Home Disney+ Streaming: When Will It Release? (2024 Update)

Spider-Man: No Way Home received a streaming update in January 2024, but is its Disney+ release coming anytime soon?
No Way Home is the only MCU movie not currently streaming on Disney+ due to the complicated rights situation surrounding Marvel"s wall-crawler.
As most will know, Sony holds the right to produce and distribute Spider-Man movies, which puts Marvel Studios and Disney+ in a rather tough spot. However, an ongoing deal has brought several web-slinging entries to the service recently.
The Latest on Spider-Man: No Way Home"s Disney+ Release MarvelStarz once held a deal with Sony Pictures to stream its releases in the Pay-One window (the initial streaming period after the theatrical and home releases). This agreement covered most of Sony"s movies until 2021, with the studio opting to jump ship to Netflix for 2022 and onward.
As Spider-Man: No Way Home was released in December 2021, it was one of the last movies under this deal and has been streaming on Starz since July 2022.
The Pay-One window usually covers the first 18 months of a movie"s streaming life, which has just been proven as No Way Home left Starz in January 2024 and freed it to find a new streaming home.
Disney+ currently has a deal with Sony to stream its Marvel movies in the post-Pay-One window. While that only began with its 2022 releases, it also came with a selection of library titles for Disney+, which has translated into almost every live-action Spider-Man movie making its way to the service.
With No Way Home finally leaving Starz, many will hope its Disney+ release is right around the corner, but that answer may not be quite that clean cut.
Is Spider-Man: No Way Home Coming to Disney+ Soon?As the Spider-Man blockbuster hit theaters before the Disney+ deal commenced with Sony"s 2022 releases, the studio has every right to shop the movie to other streaming services, and there are several reasons to think they might.
The extended cut of No Way Home started streaming on Netflix in multiple regions last year, including Hong Kong, India, and Indonesia in January 2023 before later joining the service in the U.K. in October 2023.
In April 2023, Sony promised "additional titles" from its library were "expected" to come to Disney+ in the U.S. later in the year. Subsequently, Far From Home and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrived.
As all of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland"s Spider-Man movies stream on Disney+, the House of Mouse may be eager to pay up to complete the collection with No Way Home.
Disney+ has plenty of incentive to pursue the streaming rights to No Way Home. Not only does it serve as a key piece of its Multiverse Saga, but it is also the only MCU movie or show absent from the catalog. 
As No Way Home is among the highest-grossing and most popular releases of all time, plenty of streaming services will likely be vying to add the Multiversal blockbuster to their library, including Disney+.
Only time will tell where No Way Home finds its next streaming home, but it wouldn"t be shocking if it were to land somewhere new soon after it departed Starz just under a month ago in mid-January.
Spider-Man: No Way Home is available now for digital and physical purchase.


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