10 MCU Cliffhangers In Danger Of Staying Unresolved After Marvel"s New Release Promise

  • Disney's plans to reduce the MCU's output may lead to numerous unresolved cliffhangers in the franchise's future.
  • Certain Moon Knight, Eternals, and Black Knight storylines are unlikely to be continued under new release plans.
  • The fate of characters like White Vision, Arishem, Monica Rambeau, and the Ten Rings is uncertain.
With the Marvel Cinematic Universe undergoing some drastic changes regarding its future releases, numerous cliffhangers may never be resolved in the franchise. Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed plans to reduce the MCU's output, planning to focus on more established franchises and stronger Marvel brands. As a result, the MCU's future has been thrown into question, with certain planned and teased projects becoming highly unlikely, leaving several cliffhangers unresolved.
The MCU timeline is facing some huge events that could alter the franchise's presumed trajectory. Jonathon Majors' Kang leaving the franchise was thought to be the greatest threat to the MCU's planned future, but with Iger's announcement that Disney wants to focus on stronger and more familiar brands, many planned projects will presumably be scrapped. As a result, many MCU cliffhangers might never be addressed.
Related Every Upcoming Marvel Movie: Full MCU Phase 5 & 6 List (& Beyond) Between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment, here is every upcoming Marvel movie release date and what we know about the projects so far. 10 Scarlet Scarab & Moon Knight's Future Moon Knight And Scarlet Scarab Had Future Stories Teased In Moon Knight Close Moon Knight's final episode teased two future stories that probably won't be addressed under Disney's new release plans for the MCU. First, the Moon Knight mid-credits scene revealed Jake Lockley, a third alter in Moon Knight's dissociative identity disorder. The final episode also established Layla El-Faouly as the Scarlet Scarab, an Egyptian superhero from Marvel Comics, who was poised to return in a sequel series or a solo outing. It's doubtful that either of these narratives will be continued, as Moon Knight is considered a fairly minor character from Marvel's pantheon.
9 Harry Styles' Eternals Sequel Future Harry Styles Appeared In Eternals' Mid-Credits Scene As Eros Eternals' cliffhanger ending introduced Harry Styles as Eros, seemingly teasing a sequel and its narrative. Eros, aka Starfox, is an Eternal and Thanos's brother, prompting speculation over the character's intentions and his backstory. With Styles' star power, it seemed Eros would return in some form, even if Eternals 2 was looking less likely. However, the Eternals are likely not deemed a strong enough franchise, particularly after the first movie's lukewarm reception, to fit into Disney's new release plan for Marvel. Eternals 2 will probably never be made, and Styles' Eros could never be seen in the MCU again.
8 Who Sonny Burch Worked For Sonny Burch Represented An Anonymous Buyer In Ant-Man and the Wasp In Ant-Man and the Wasp, the titular heroes partnered with a black-market tech dealer named Sonny Burch. Supplying them with some unique hardware, Burch later represents an anonymous buyer who offers Hank and Hope Pym a billion dollars for their technology. Sonny was later arrested, but his buyer remains a mystery. A fourth Ant-Man movie hasn't been confirmed, and whether Disney considers him an established brand is unclear. Consequently, Sonny Burch's employer may never be revealed, or could be changed to fit a new overarching narrative in the MCU.
7 Dane Whitman's Ebony Sword Introduction Dane Whitman's Transformation Into Black Knight Was Teased In Eternals Close Eternals' post-credits scene depicted Dane Whiteman encountering the Ebony Sword. This teased the character's transformation into the Marvel Comics hero Black Knight. As Eternals 2 is unlikely, the character's transformation could be left unresolved. As a minor character, he will be less of a priority in Marvel's new release plans. Nonetheless, Black Knight is a member of several Marvel hero teams, including The Avengers and The Defenders, so he could be reintroduced in a team-up event, or established in pending projects. The post-credits scene depicting Whitman also included Blade, so Black Knight could appear in the MCU's Blade.
6 White Vision's Existence In The MCU White Vision Was Introduced In WandaVision White Vision was introduced in WandaVision, created by SWORD as a weaponized version of the deceased synthezoid hero, Vision. Sent to subdue Scarlet Witch and Vision, White Vision engages his predecessor in battle, which leads to Vision bestowing him with his memories, prompting White Vision to disappear. It was presumed White Vision would return in a future Disney+ series titled Vision Quest, but this has been thrown into question with Marvel's new release plans. Vision Quest had not entered production when Disney announced their plan, and could therefore never be made, leaving White Vision's fate unknown.
5 The Eternals' Judgment Of Earth Arishem Vowed To Judge Earth In An Eternals Sequel Eternals' ending left a stark cliffhanger when the Celestial Arishem vowed to return and judge humanity, taking three Eternals with him to determine Earth's fate. With Disney's new focus on established Marvel franchises, this narrative could never be resolved - at least not in an Eternals sequel. Arishem's judgment of Earth could, however, appear in another project - such as the MCU's Fantastic Four, exploiting the connection between the Celestials and Galactus. Certainly, if Arishem's judgment is ever resolved, it will appear in a very different manner than was posed in Eternals' final scene.
4 The Young Avengers The Young Avengers Have Been Teased In Several MCU Projects Close A narrative throughout much of The Multiverse Saga has been introducing younger counterparts to established heroes, teasing the potential for a Young Avengers movie. Kamala Khan recruits Kate Bishop in The Marvels, while potential Young Avengers members have been teased throughout the MCU. This seems less possible with Disney's new Marvel plan, at least not without tying the team closer to the Avengers brand. This could evolve into an Avengers movie, as there has been little confirmation of whom the line-up will consist of for Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars. Nevertheless, a Young Avengers movie is unlikely.
3 Monica Rambeau's Multiversal Peril Monica Rambeau Was Transported To Another Universe In The Marvels The dramatic conclusion to The Marvels saw Monica Rambeau being transported to an alternate universe, where she encountered Beast from the X-Men. The X-Men is a prime example of an established and beloved franchise that Disney will presumably shift Marvel's focus to. However, MonicaRambeau herself will likely fare less well. A relatively minor character, Monica's multiversal narrative will be a lower priority than many others. If addressed at all, this narrative could only be concluded in an X-Men movie, or a further Captain Marvel sequel - though the MCU's release slate doesn't include any reference to this potential.
2 Who The Ten Rings Are Communicating With Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings Teased A New Villain The mid-credits scene in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings depicted Shang-Chi meeting with Wong, Carol Danvers, and Bruce Banner, discussing the continued threat posed by the magical rings - suggesting they are transmitting an unknown message to a new threat. As Shang-Chi is a fairly minor character, a sequel depicting this threat is not expected under the new Marvel release plan. The cliffhanger left the scene open to interpretation, meaning the unnamed threat could be adapted to fit into the wider MCU narrative and appear in a different movie. Nevertheless, the cliffhanger may be left unresolved.
1 The Ten Rings Organization Is Reborn Shang-Chi's Sister Re-Established The Ten Rings Crime Organization The post-credits scene in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings depicted the eponymous hero's sister, Xialing, assuming leadership of the criminal organization. The consequences of this were planned to appear in a miniseries depicting The Ten Rings organization, which hasn't officially been added to the MCU's release slate and has become far less likely with Marvel's new release plans. The Ten Rings have appeared in numerous MCU projects, so it could reappear in another franchise - but it's doubtful it will center explicitly on Xialing or her relationship with her brother, leaving this MCU cliffhanger unresolved.


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