Where to Watch Demon Slayer 2024 Movie - Theater & Streaming Details

The latest anime movie releasing in 2024, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – To the Hashira Training, is set for a wide theatrical release.
Ufotable is now taking Demon Slayer to the big screen for a third time since releasing its first season. The method to the madness is each film bridges the gap between two TV seasons while showing new footage for the first time in theaters.
The Movie: Mugen Train led into Season 2, To the Swordsmith Village transitioned into Season 3, and To the Hashira Training will introduce fans to the chapter being shown in the upcoming Season 4.
Where To Watch Demon Slayer 2024 Demon SlayerDemon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – To the Hashira Training opens in North America on Friday, February 23. Early screenings are available in many theaters on Thursday, February 22.
The 2024 Demon Slayer movie is expected to play on IMAX screens and other Premium Large-Format screens.
It"s estimated that To the Hashira Training will open in between 1,600-1,800 theaters in the United States and Canada.
Another important note is that two versions will play in domestic theaters: one in Japanese with English subtitles and another dubbed-over version with English-speaking characters.
For more information regarding local showtimes and advance ticket information, here are some helpful links:
  • AMC Theaters
  • Regal Cinemas
  • Fandango
Box office expectations are mixed after a fantastic $49.9 million domestic haul back in 2021 with The Movie: Mugen Train, followed by an understated $16.9 million To the Swordsmith Village last year.
Is Demon Slayer To the Hashira Training Arc Available Online?Following the 2024 Demon Slayer"s run in theaters, the rest of the Hashria Training Arc will be available during Season 4.
Season 4 is set for Spring 2024, following its announcement last year, with the first episode likely to debut in April. 
This timing aligns with previous seasons, which also premiered in April, maintaining a tradition for the series.
The series (and part of the movie) will pick up after the Swordsmith Village Arc, covering the Hashira Training Arc from chapters 128 to 136 of the manga.
Without revealing spoilers, the Arc promises Tanjiro"s further development of his abilities alongside various Hashira members such as the Stone, Water, Insect, Wind, and Snake Hashira.
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – To the Hashira Training slashes into theaters on Friday, February 23.


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