Deadpool & Wolverine Retcons 1 Major Part Of Loki"s Ending After Only 4 Months

  • The Deadpool & Wolverine trailer suggests that the TVA has not truly changed and is still engaging in their old tricks, calling into question their supposed improvement.
  • Deadpool's antagonistic relationship with the TVA may be because they have done something objectionable, even by Deadpool's standards, implying they are not acting heroically.
  • If the TVA is portrayed as the villains, it contradicts the more optimistic ending of Loki season 2 and implies that they are not sticking to Loki's actions in creating a more altruistic TVA.
The ending of Loki season 2 signaled some major changes for the MCU's TVA, but these changes seem to have walked back a bit in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer. The first full trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine heavily featured the TVA, the organization from Loki that was originally tasked with protecting the Sacred Timeline on the orders of a Kang variant known as He Who Remains. Following the death of He Who Remains, and some major changes made by Loki, it was looking like the TVA was going to stop some of their more destructive practices.
Initially positioned as a necessary evil, Loki and Sylvie proved that the TVA was closer to just regular evil and made some serious improvements. However, the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer show the TVA up to some of their old tricks, calling into question how much they've truly changed. Deadpool is also seen killing several TVA agents. While Deadpool isn't strictly a hero in his movies, he is usually positioned as being in the right. If the TVA are villains in Deadpool & Wolverine, it might suggest they aren't sticking to the more optimistic ending of Loki season 2.
Your browser does not support the video tag. Loki Season 2's Ending Explained Close Loki season 2's central conflict revolved around the collapsing Temporal Loom which was being overloaded with branching universes. Loki ended up solving the issue by becoming his own version of the loom, which resembles Yggdrasil, the tree of life from Norse Mythology. This allowed all the universes to continue branching without any negative effects. This means that the TVA no longer has to prune variants to preserve a single timeline.
It is shown that the TVA are now tracking Kang variants, likely in hopes of preventing the multiversal war He Who Remains promised would happen. This would imply that the TVA has become a force for good in the new multiverse thanks to Loki's actions. However, this new altruistic side of the TVA seems somewhat contradicted by their antagonistic role in Deadpool & Wolverine.
The TVA Are Fighting Deadpool In His MCU Debut Near the beginning of the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, the TVA arrive and threaten Wade Wilson with pruning rods. The scene is very reminiscent of the way the TVA acts near the beginning of Loki season 1, which doesn't inspire much confidence in their supposed change. Although the TVA is shown trying to recruit Deadpool initially, and claim it is to make him a hero, the later parts of the trailer seem to imply this relationship doesn't work out too well.
Deadpool can be seen killing TVA agents in a pretty brutal fashion. This would imply that they end up doing something that even Deadpool finds objectionable. The inclusion of the MCU character Paradox may also hint at the TVA slipping back into their old ways. In the comics, Paradox wants to erase She-Hulk from history for trying to alter her timeline, something that is much more akin to the earlier TVA than the one seen at the end of Loki season 2. If Paradox stays true to the comics, the TVA will likely have at least some members who haven't reformed.
Deadpool's antagonistic relationship with the TVA may also be because of his fourth-wall breaking jokes, as he is one of few Marvel characters allowed to address (and joke with) the real-world audience in this manner.
Deadpool Is Usually Right In His Movies Deadpool & Wolverine
Director Shawn Levy Cast Ryan Reynolds , Hugh Jackman , Morena Baccarin , Brianna Hildebrand , Jennifer Garner Writers Rhett Reese , Paul Wernick Franchise(s) Deadpool , Marvel Cinematic Universe Even if Deadpool falls closer to an antihero than a traditional hero, he is still usually on the right side of things in his movies. The first Deadpool had him going against Ajax, a man who carried out inhumane experiments on vulnerable people. Deadpool 2 saw Wade killing child abusers, and trying to stop Cable from murdering a young boy who Deadpool knew could be reasoned with instead. If the TVA are the antagonists in Deadpool & Wolverine, this would suggest that they are likely acting much less heroically than Loki season 2 would have had audiences hoping they would.
If Deadpool & Wolverine wants to avoid the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness problem of ignoring character development in Disney+ shows, the movie will have to do one of two things. The first possibility is that the movie will have to establish that some TVA members would prefer if things returned to the way they were, which could be believable given how quickly the organization changed and its initial group divides. Alternatively, Deadpool & Wolverine could make Deadpool more villainous than he had been previously, possibly setting up conflicts between him and other MCU heroes.


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