Deadpool 3 Trailer Proves Disney Transition Fears Wrong Almost Instantly

  • The Deadpool & Wolverine trailer proves that Disney is not censoring the Merc with a Mouth in the MCU, signaling a willingness to take risks.
  • Recent MCU projects, like Echo and the upcoming Blade movie, show a trend of pushing boundaries with more explicit violence.
  • Deadpool & Wolverine including foul language and sexual humor indicates that Disney may become more lenient in that aspect overall with projects for which it makes sense.
Any lingering concerns over how R-rated Deadpool & Wolverine have been addressed in the movie's first official trailer. When Disney announced they'd be making a Deadpool movie in the MCU, it sparked reasonable debate over how R-rated the House of Mouse would allow Wade to be. Although the idea of Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool joining the MCU was always exciting, there were concerns that Disney would not be willing to risk Marvel's brand by pushing boundaries. This caused speculation that Disney's Deadpool would be significantly toned down from the version in the first two Deadpool movies produced by Fox.
Luckily, it seems like whoever put the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer together understood these concerns and wanted to waste no time disproving them. Deadpool's sense of humor seems largely unchanged and is definitely going beyond anything previously included in the MCU. Retaining Deadpool's dirty mouth isn't just good news for Deadpool & Wolverine; it may signal that Marvel is ready to take some bigger risks. Other recent projects showed early signs of Disney's willingness to push boundaries with the MCU, and the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer has taken that a step further.
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Release Date July 26, 2024 Director Shawn Levy Cast Ryan Reynolds , Hugh Jackman , Morena Baccarin , Brianna Hildebrand , Jennifer Garner The trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine seemed to understand the fears surrounding Deadpool's introduction to the MCU, and it even had a little bit of fun with them. The trailer starts out very wholesome, showing Wade and his friends all having a nice party. This takes an immediate turn toward the inappropriate when the TVA shows up to capture Deadpool. Wade immediately starts cracking crude, sexualized jokes, and he even comments on how the inappropriate content "isn't new for me, friends. But it is for Disney."
Your browser does not support the video tag. By starting the trailer off in this way, Deadpool & Wolverine is basically signaling that Disney is not going to be censoring the Merc with a Mouth. The joke itself would also seem to indicate that Disney is opening itself up to trying new things with the MCU. This wouldn't necessarily be a huge stretch, given that Disney has already shown signs of loosening its grasp on what is considered acceptable content for an MCU project.
Deadpool Continues A Trend Of The MCU Pushing Boundaries Close Recently, the MCU proved it was willing to include some bloodier bits of violence with the series Echo. Echo was the first MCU Disney+ series to earn a TV-MA rating. The upcoming Blade movie will reportedly be rated R, meaning it will also likely include more explicit violence. Deadpool & Wolverine was always expected to retain the violence from the original Deadpool series, as it seems less objectionable to Disney. However, Deadpool & Wolverine has also proven that Disney might become more lenient with foul language as well.
Previously, James Gunn included an f-bomb in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, though it's telling that it was the first in the franchise's 15-year (at the time) history. Deadpool & Wolverine are taking things a step further by already including one in the trailer for the movie. It's also worth noting that Deadpool & Wolverine is the only MCU movie coming out in 2024. Marvel isn't just getting more comfortable pushing boundaries; they are doing so in their only major project for the whole year. If successful, Deadpool & Wolverine could have lasting effects on the types of projects the MCU is willing to do.


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