Madame Web Director Spoils Appearances of 2 Major Spider-Man Characters In Movie

Two characters important to Spider-Man lore have been confirmed to make appearances in the upcoming Madame Web movie.
The Sony Pictures Spider-Man spin-off will star Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb, along with the likes of Sydney Sweeney and Adam Scott in the supporting cast.
The Marvel movie, which hits theaters on Wednesday, February 14, exists within its own universe, despite rumors suggesting a connection to Tobey Maguire"s Spider-Man movies.
Spider-Man Characters Confirmed for Madame Web MarvelIn a recent interview with Josh Wilding, Madame Web director SJ Clarkson revealed that Ben and Mary Parker will appear in the upcoming movie.
Clarkson explained that their inclusions came as a result of Madame Web being "born in The Amazing Spider-Man comics," rather than her own run.
As such, including Ben and Mary Parker serves as "an homage and a nod of respect to where she"s come from:"
"I think, again, Madame Web was born in "The Amazing Spider-Man comics," do you know what I mean? There isn"t a Madame Web comic yet, although I think there probably should be. There should be, right? I think we should... let"s start petitioning for a Madame Web comic. I think that would be amazing. But you know, I think it"s an homage and a nod of respect to where she"s come from."
Including Ben and Mary Parker specifically is an interesting combination, as in the comics, Uncle Ben is Peter Parker"s father"s brother, not his mother"s.
This could still be the case in Madame Web, but that would not explain why it is Ben and Mary specifically who appear in the movie, rather than Peter"s parents together, or Peter"s aunt and uncle together.
Who Could Be Playing Uncle Ben?Reports from as early as 2022 indicated Adam Scott could be playing Ben Parker in Madame Web.
The movie"s IMDb page lists Scott as playing Ben, but given that until now the character"s appearance in the movie was not confirmed directly, it is hard to say if this listing is definitive.
If Scott is playing Ben, fans will get to see a young Ben Parker on screen for the first time, as opposed to the older versions of the character in Tobey Maguire"s and Andrew Garfield"s movie franchises (played by Cliff Robertson and Martin Sheen, respectively).
There have also been rumors that Emma Roberts" Madame Web character will be Mary Parker and that she will be pregnant when she appears in the movie.
If Uncle Ben is being shown in his younger years, the timeline would add up for Mary to be pregnant with Peter, who is a teenager when his uncle dies.
Again, though, these are all still rumors. Fans will be able to learn for certain, though, on February 14 when Madame Web hits theaters.


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