New Deadpool & Wolverine Poster Supports Major Pop Star Cameo Theory

  • Marvel teases a possible Taylor Swift cameo in and upcoming MCU film with a Deadpool & Wolverine poster featuring friendship bracelets.
  • Rumors suggest Swift could play mutant Dazzler, supported by connections to director Shawn Levy and sightings with MCU stars.
  • The Deadpool & Wolverine poster looks strikingly similar to the friendship bracelets commonly associated with Swift fans.
A new Deadpool & Wolverine poster offers clues that support a popular theory regarding the world's biggest pop star. It's undeniable how huge Taylor Swift's stardom has become. The Midnights singer has been selling out shows worldwide during her Eras tour, making a dent in the box office with the tour's concert film, and dominating sports headlines through her relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. One area she hasn't had an impact on yet is the MCU, but that could change with Deadpool & Wolverine.
The upcoming MCU film will have many cameos from the Marvel multiverse, and there is plenty of speculation that one of these cameos will be Swift. The rumor suggests that she will make her MCU debut as a popular mutant who's only briefly appeared on the big screen. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but a new poster for the film could be a reference to the musician that would make Swifties happy.
Related Every Actor Cast In Deadpool 3 (So Far) Ryan Reynolds is joining the MCU as the Merc with a Mouth in Phase 6's Deadpool 3, and some of his supporting cast has already been revealed. Deadpool And Wolverine Friendship Bracelets Look Awfully Close To Popular Taylor Swift Accessories The Marvel social media team for the Australie/New Zealand region recently shared a new poster on Instagram that looks simple enough but could be a major hint towards Swift's appearance in the movie. The poster features three friendship bracelets: one that says "Deadpool," another that says "Wolverine," and another that says "July 25," the release date for the film. The bracelets are made out of beads with stars, smiles, and hearts accompanying them.
While this poster could just be a clever way of teasing the pairing of Deadpool and Wolverine, the bracelets have become synonymous with Swift and her fans, as shown in an image from CBS News on Twitter/X. The rising popularity of the bracelets came from the Midnights' song, "You're on Your Own, Kid," which has the lyric, "So, make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it." Swifties took that message to heart and started making and exchanging the bracelets at her Eras Tour concerts. It's unlikely Marvel doesn't know about the rumors and how the bracelets connect.
Taylor Swift's Deadpool 3 Cameo Rumors Explained Swift's appearance in Deadpool & Wolverine has been rumored for a while. The theory is that she will play Dazzler, a pop star mutant with the ability to turn sound vibrations into light and energy beams. Swift does bear a resemblance to the comic book character, but there are several connections she has that sent this theory into overdrive. The pop star has a personal friendship with director Shawn Levy, who starred in Swift's All Too Well: The Short Film.
Levy has commented on the Swift theory but has never confirmed or denied it. One moment that had MCU theorists in a frenzy was when Swift was spotted at the Kansas City Chiefs game against the New York Jets in October 2023. She was there to support her boyfriend, but she was also sitting with Levy, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman. It's all just speculation right now, but there could be plenty of people bringing friendship bracelets to Deadpool & Wolverine.
Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are available to stream on Disney+
Deadpool & Wolverine R
Director Shawn Levy Release Date July 26, 2024 Studio(s) Marvel , Maximum Effort Cast Ryan Reynolds , Hugh Jackman , Morena Baccarin , Brianna Hildebrand , Jennifer Garner


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