The Fantastic Four"s 10 Most Impressive Displays Of Power Across 3 Movies

  • Get ready for the Fantastic Four to join the MCU with their iconic powers and possibly face new villains soon!
  • Previous Fantastic Four movies were mediocre, but showcased cool abilities such as elasticity and pyrokinesis.
  • The team's collaboration in using their powers is impressive, from saving landmarks to turning Doom into a statue.
The Fantastic Four have been in their own Marvel movies for several decades, spanning 3 movies in which they displayed some impressive powers. Now that the MCU will be welcoming the Fantastic Four into the cinematic franchise, the capabilities of Marvel's First Family will be laid bare once more, though which of their iconic villains will be on the receiving end remains to be seen. As details surrounding Marvel's Fantastic Four movie steadily emerge (including the actors who have been cast in starring roles), now might be a good time to catch up on their previous cinematic outings.
Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer were released in 2005 and 2007, respectively, and were largely lambasted for their mediocrity and banality. The rebooted Fantastic Four, released in 2015, did not fare any better. In fact, the second attempt was seen as a worse adaptation of the iconic team, sucking all of the fun out of the franchise in favor of a gritty retelling that doesn't tend to translate well to superhero movies. Despite this, the team members showcased some pretty incredible abilities that they could stand to replicate in the upcoming MCU revival.
Fantastic Four Member
Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman
Force field generation & manipulation/turning invisible
Johnny Storm/The Human Torch
Ben Grimm/The Thing
Rock-like physiology/superhuman strength & durability
Related Every Fantastic Four Movie Ranked, Worst To Best The Fantastic Four has starred in four movies, three of them origin stories, and two of them reboots. Here's which FF movie is actually the best. 10 Johnny Storm Uses Everybody's Powers Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (2007) Close Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer took a lot of creative liberties when it came to adapting two iconic characters: the titular Silver Surfer and his world-devouring boss, Galactus. While turning Galactus into a gargantuan space cloud is among the most commonly cited sins in comic book movie history, the Silver Surfer granting Johnny Storm the ability to switch powers with his teammates was another movie exclusive. It did allow for him to pull off some spectacular stunts in the movie's climax, however.
While Fantastic Four saw the titular team band together to bring Doom down, Johnny Storm's decision to absorb the powers of his teammates allowed him to nearly solo Doom until a non-powered Ben Grimm delivered the final blow with heavy machinery. The ability to deploy all of the Fantastic Four's power set at once put him on a par with Super Skrulls as he snuck up on Doom and proceeded to whale on him with Grimm's strength, his own pyrokinesis, and Richards' malleability. Needless to say, this made short work of the villain that gave them all so much trouble in their last movie.
9 Ben Grimm Lifts A Firetruck (And Takes The Full Force Of A Speeding Truck) Fantastic Four (2005) After receiving their powers, Ben Grimm understandably felt that he drew the short straw for his physical transformation. Yet as the team begins to use their powers for good for the first time on the Brooklyn Bridge, Grimm shows just how strong and durable his new physiology has made him through various truck-related displays. First, Grimm withstands the full force of a speeding truck unscathed. Then, he rescues a firetruck filled with firefighters by lifting it back onto the bridge. Suffice it to say, it's a display that begs for a cinematic depiction of the Thing vs. the Hulk.
8 Sue Flies The Team Fantastic Four (2015) Susan Storm is often cited as the most powerful of the Fantastic Four. If the powers she displays in 2015's movie, Fantastic Four, are anything to go by, then that is an accurate observation. While most flying superheroes, including her brother, Johnny, can fly solo, Susan's force field manipulation allows her to float in a bubble that can even transport other non-flying teammates. Given that the Thing is included among her passengers, it seems as though Sue Storm doesn't even have a weight limit to worry about, making her power even more useful.
7 Sue Traps Reed In A Force Field Prison Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (2007) While the scene was played for laughs, the implications of Susan Storm's ability to sandwich and then move an individual between two walls of force are incredibly impressive. Presumably, someone like the elastic Reed Richards would be able to escape the trap if he desired, but the same probably can't be said for most other individuals. Then there are the more severe consequences of what Richards' squashed face implies should Sue decide to squeeze a little harder.
6 Ben Grimm Dominates The Military (And Destroys A Tank) Fantastic Four (2015) In Josh Trank's Fantastic Four, the Thing is utilized as something of a super-weapon against enemy militaries, where he is shown to be capable of ripping a tank to pieces with his bare hands. Given that he is also nigh-impervious to standard ballistic weaponry, Grimm's uses on a field filled with standard-issue weaponry and armor are pretty stark. He is later shown in the same scene making quick work of an entire troop, suggesting that the Thing is a one-man army. Unlike the Hulk, however, he brings the added benefit of being in control of his mental faculties.
5 Sue And Johnny Storm Trap Doom In A Fireball Fantastic Four (2005) Although it was used against 2015's Doctor Doom and therefore rendered inconsequential, one of the most impressive combos pulled off by the Fantastic Four was the siblings' fireball maneuver. In their climactic bout with Doom, Johnny wreaths their enemy in flame, while Sue proceeds to trap him within the fireball with a spherical force field. It was a creative use of their talents that would no doubt prove agonizingly fatal to less godlike figures, though it is a shame that the poor performance of the movie in which it debuted prevented them from replicating it in a sequel.
4 The Fantastic Four Save The London Eye Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (2007) Close In one of the more spectacular scenes of the sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer depicts one of the most impressive sequences of the titular heroes using their powers as they combine their efforts to prevent the London Eye from collapsing. The teamwork includes Sue unleashing one of her biggest force fields yet, Ben deploying his super-strength to carry the immense structure, Reed entangling himself in the giant wheel's spokes, and Johnny welding it back together. For its depiction of how the team has progressed since their first outing, this was one of the movie's biggest highlights.
3 Johnny Storm Reaches 4000 Kelvin Fantastic Four (2005) The scene in Fantastic Four that sees the Human Torch testing just how hot his body can get also reveals the cataclysmic power at his disposal. After continuing to raise the heat in a metal chamber, Sue tells him that he was able to reach 4,000 Kelvin, which is nearly as hot as the sun itself. While Johnny rightfully considers this to be pretty exciting, Reed proceeds to divulge the consequences of reaching supernova temperatures: the destruction of the world. Suffice it to say, this scene shows why Johnny should not be underestimated for his youthfulness.
2 Reed Richards Overpowers The Thing Fantastic Four (2005) In the same movie that saw the Thing lift a firetruck (though before the one that saw him lift the London Eye), the impossibly strong Fantastic Four member was rendered immobile by his best friend, Reed Richards. Following an argument, the two proceed to get into a fight that shows why Reed Richard's elasticity is not to be discounted, as he proceeds to literally tie knots around Ben Grimm and incapacitate him. Grimm's well-established power is what makes this move by Richards so impressive, as he demonstrates strength alone isn't everything in a fistfight.
1 The Fantastic Four Team Up To Turn Doom Into A Statue Fantastic Four (2005) Close Although the depiction of Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four was maligned for its many inaccuracies, including the fact that the same cosmic rays that gave the team their powers turned his body into metal, at least it facilitated the impressive finishing moves during the movie's climactic fight. The team bands together to super-heat the metallic Doom through Johnny and Sue's powers before Richards instructs Grimm to tear open a fire hydrant and rapidly cool him, effectively turning him into a living statue. This showed the very specific circumstances that the Fantastic Four could overcome by using their very specific skills.


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