Deadpool 3 Is Finally Paying Off Ryan Reynolds" 8-Year-Old Franchise Wish

  • Deadpool & Wolverinen is finally fulfilling actor Ryan Reynolds' 8-year-old wish for a team-up movie with the two characters.
  • Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine for Deadpool 3 works better than adding Deadpool into the prior Wolverine films would've.
  • Reynolds' desire for a Deadpool/Wolverine film is also hotly anticipated by audiences.
Deadpool & Wolverine is set to finally fulfill Ryan Reynolds' 8-year-old desire expressed way back in 2016 for the MCU. Deadpool & Wolverine will bring both beloved characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While this is an exciting development for X-Men in the MCU's future, it also serves to satisfy a years-old franchise wish that Ryan Reynolds himself stated.
Deadpool & Wolverine is the third installment in the Deadpool movie franchise and has indicated a major upheaval in the MCU. Perhaps the most thrilling development is Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine, after 24 years of playing the famed mutant character. However, none are likely as excited by this development than Ryan Reynolds, the actor playing Deadpool himself.
Your browser does not support the video tag. Related How To Watch the Marvel Movies In Order (By Release Date & In Order Of MCU Timeline Events) Want to catch up before the next release, or just revisit the universe for a refresher? Here's the order to watch the entire MCU timeline. Ryan Reynolds Wanted A Deadpool/Wolverine Team-Up Movie 8 Years Ago Close Ryan Reynolds stated in 2016 that he was interested in a Deadpool and Wolverine team-up movie. Since the characters first fought in the underwhelming X-Men Origins: Wolverine, both audiences and Reynolds have been keen to witness a less disastrous narrative starring both iconic characters. In late 2016, the first Deadpool movie had proven itself a surprise smash hit, and promotion for 2017's Logan was beginning to emerge. Of course, this led many to question whether Deadpool might appear in Logan - particularly as Logan was intended to be Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine movie.
Ryan Reynolds was asked on Twitter and responded by saying that he would not appear in Logan, noting that Deadpool wouldn't match the movie's tone. However, he explicitly expressed interest in Deadpool and Wolverine appearing in a movie together. Finally, eight years later, Reynold's wish has come true as the pair prepare to fight and team up in Deadpool & Wolverine.
Why Deadpool 3 Is The Right Time To Finally Bring Wade & Logan Together Ryan Reynolds' was completely correct when he stated that Logan was absolutely not the correct movie to include Deadpool in. Including Deadpool in Logan would have undermined the movie's mature, gritty tone, or would have been a complete disservice to Deadpool - much like X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This would have also been the case with Hugh Jackman's X-Men movies, which had a more serious tone and style not befitting of the Merc With A Mouth. Rather than insert Deadpool unsuccessfully into Wolverine's cinematic legacy, both characters are better served by inserting Wolverine into Deadpool's.
Related Wolverine's Most Gruesome Movie Scene Sets An Unbeatably High Bar For Deadpool 3 Deadpool & Wolverine will need to be incredibly creative if Marvel wants it to be even more gruesome than Wolverine’s most grisly moment ever. Indeed, establishing Deadpool's character in two solo movies seems appropriate before including Wolverine. Wolverine is such a massive character from Marvel Comics, that establishing Deadpool's character first was the best way to include both. Deadpool's irreverent, fourth-wall-breaking style needed to flourish first before introducing a stalwart and highly consequential second character. With the tumultuous and strained production history behind the first Deadpool movie, it feels like Reynolds has earned the opportunity in Deadpool & Wolverine, after deftly demonstrating his cinematic prowess in two solo movies.
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