Daniel Radcliffe Becomes The New Wolverine In New MCU Concept Trailer

  • Daniel Radcliffe's potential casting as Wolverine in the MCU remains uncertain, as Marvel Studios has not announced any plans for the character.
  • The release of Deadpool 3, featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, may provide temporary closure for the character, but it is unclear if Jackman will return for future MCU movies.
  • Marvel Studios may choose to focus on other mutants in their X-Men reboot before introducing a new version of Wolverine, considering the character's prominence in the previous Fox-Marvel universe.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe recruits Daniel Radcliffe as the new Wolverine in a new Marvel fan trailer, showing what he could look like as Logan. While the MCU has teased Wolverine, the iconic X-Men hero has yet to actively appear in the Avengers-based franchise. Though Hugh Jackman is reprising the role in Deadpool 3, it may only be for a one-off when the movie arrives in theaters this summer, leaving the matter of who will permanently play the hero currently unclear.
As such, although audiences are excited to see Jackman's Logan finally wearing the iconic Wolverine costume in Deadpool 3, the world is still waiting to learn about how incorporating Wolverine into the MCU will be dealt with in the coming years. In the meantime, KH Studio has shared a new The Wolverine fan trailer, serving as a proof-of-concept where Radcliffe plays a Logan variant after the passing of Jackman's character in the 2017 movie:
The Wolverine trailer combines footage from X-Men: Days of Future Past and the actual The Wolverine movie from 2013. The pitch also imagines Radcliffe's Wolverine interacting with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.
Related Every Upcoming Marvel Movie: Full MCU Phase 5 & 6 List (& Beyond) Between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment, here is every upcoming Marvel movie release date and what we know about the projects so far. Will Daniel Radcliffe Actually Be Wolverine In The MCU After Hugh Jackman? Close Daniel Radcliffe has been asked numerous times if he would ever be interested in playing Wolverine for Marvel Studios. While the actor has been open to the idea, Marvel Studios has not announced any plans for Wolverine in the last few years outside of the reveal that Hugh Jackman would be playing the role in Deadpool 3, and Radcliffe has shut down rumors that he had already been cast as the main MCU Wolverine.
Naturally, the main question when it comes to Radcliffe's prospective casting is whether Marvel Studios intends to recast Wolverine after Jackman's return in Deadpool 3. Since it is also unclear if Jackman is playing Wolverine for the last time in Deadpool 3 or if he will be back for other MCU movies, Marvel Studios will likely not reveal their plans for Logan post-the Multiverse Saga, as this could preemptively sabotage or reveal the plot of unreleased installments like the MCU's X-Men reboot movie.
Following the end of the WGA strike, Marvel Studios have reportedly been meeting with writers to hear pitches on the X-Men movie reboot.
Given how much focus Wolverine has had in the Fox-Marvel universe, it wouldn't be shocking if Marvel Studios waited to introduce their new Logan - if one is indeed impending - and instead focused on other mutants. There are a lot of X-Men characters who were sidelined in the original universe that could benefit from the spotlight, especially since new iterations have almost limitless potential. For now, the MCU audience will have to wait and see what Marvel Studios is planning to do with their new Wolverine after Deadpool 3.
Source: KH Studio/YouTube


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