Marvel’s Darkest X-Men Storyline Has Already Been Done In The Movies But It Was Easy To Miss

  • Logan offers a darker and more realistic take on House of M — it presents a world where mutant births have stopped due to bioengineered food products, and most mutants have died.
  • The MCU may struggle to adapt House of M faithfully due to the extensive setup required and Scarlet Witch's potential departure from the franchise.
  • Eventually, Marvel Studios could still find a way to adapt House of M by incorporating mutants into the MCU's continuity.
The X-Men’s darkest Marvel Comics storyline may not have received an official live-action movie counterpart yet, but Logan subtly adapted it in a more tragic and realistic way than a one-to-one adaptation ever could. The X-Men movie timeline presented its own take on various comic book storylines such as Days of Future Past and Age of Apocalypse, each of which received an entire movie. In fact, Dark Phoenix was adapted twice, in 2007's X-Men: Days of Future Past and 2019's Dark Phoenix.
Other comic book storylines were merged in the X-Men movies, often with a focus on building Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine journey. For instance, X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills and Return to Weapon X inspired X2: X-Men United, and Logan drew inspiration from Old Man Logan, Death of Wolverine, and the X-23-focused Innocence Lost. Logan, however, also included a realistic version of one of the X-Men’s biggest tragedies, though it’s much bleaker and much less bombastic than the source material.
Logan Gave The X-Men Movie Franchise A Darker Version Of House Of M The Mutants' Disappearance Is More Tragic In Logan's X-Men Timeline Close In Logan, mutant births have stopped for around 25 years. Transigen, the bioengineering company behind X-23, wiped out the X-Gene by adding a version of the mutant cure to widely available food products. The X-Gene’s extinction is compounded with the X-Men’s deaths at the hands of Charles Xavier when he had a powerful seizure that killed everyone in the X-Mansion, leaving only a handful of mutants alive by 2029. This way, mutants in the X-Men universe meet the same fate they did in Marvel Comics’ House of M, only due to a grimmer reason than Scarlet Witch’s chaos magic.
In the Logan universe, most mutants have died a mundane and irreversible death.
At the end of the original House of M storyline, Scarlet Witch wishes mutantkind out of existence just by uttering the words “no more mutants”. Most mutants in the world lose their X-Gene, and the X-Men get their mutations back through various rather complicated means throughout the years, including death and resurrection. In the Logan universe, most mutants die a mundane and irreversible death. Once Wolverine and Xavier die, X-23 and her fellow test subjects are mutantkind’s only remnant.
Why House Of M Might Never Be Adapted Faithfully In The MCU House Of M's Characters And Events Don't Line Up In The MCU Close It seems like the original House of M plot might not be able to be adapted in the MCU, at least not accurately. Such a wide-ranging storyline requires plenty of time to be set up properly, and it will take a while for the MCU’s X-Men to be introduced, likely after Avengers: Secret Wars has ended the Multiverse Saga. At that point, mutants’ MCU history will only be starting to take shape. Wiping them out, at least momentarily, would affect their introduction and lose a considerable part of the original story’s dramatic impact.
WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness have adapted significant beats of House of M, including Wanda's reality manipulation and her obsession with her lost children.
By the time the MCU’s X-Men are established and their MCU story warrants a large-scale event the scope of House of M, Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch will likely have departed the franchise and come to terms with the idea of never having a family of her own. Therefore, if the MCU’s House of M adaptation were to include both Scarlet Witch and all mutantkind, the most likely option would be to flip the story and have Wanda Maximoff wish mutants into existence. This could take place at the beginning of a potential MCU Mutant Saga in Phase 7.
Related Marvel's X-Men Movie: Everything We Know With Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman's Deadpool 3 announced, MCU fans may be wondering if an X-Men movie will be following after. Why House Of M Deserves To Be Adapted With More Focus In The MCU Marvel Studios Can Still Make A Live-Action House of M Adaptation In The Future Custom Image by Nicolas Ayala On the bright side, the MCU has a track record of adapting classic Marvel Comics storylines despite not having all characters and plot points available. Captain America: Civil War is a key piece of the Infinity Saga despite its smaller scale, and Avengers: Infinity War is an effective adaptation of Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet despite major changes like Adam Warlock’s absence and Thanos’ pseudo-philanthropic motivations. Similarly, the MCU’s House of M could still translate the iconic storyline with major changes in its cast and plot, but still retain its essence: mutants' dominion in an alternate reality and their subsequent disappearance.
One major tool the MCU's version of House of M has in its favor is mutants' coexistence with the rest of the Marvel universe. Like the source material, a live-action House of M adaptation could also involve the Avengers and other non-mutant heroes like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, as well as characters who didn't play a big role in the comics but could take part in its live-action adaptation, like the Fantastic Four. Although an accurate House of M adaptation is unlikely, it still has plenty of potential for the MCU's X-Men.
Logan R
Director James Mangold Release Date March 3, 2017 Studio(s) 20th Century , Marvel Runtime 137 Minutes Franchise(s) X-Men


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