Marvel Is Ignoring The Simple Solution To The MCU’s Output Struggles

  • Marvel One-Shots are a simple way to engage fans with short, budget-friendly films featuring key MCU characters between major movies.
  • Marvel One-Shots can confirm the Avengers' continued activity and bridge gaps during Phases 5 and 6.
  • The minimalistic nature of Marvel One-Shots allows for quick worldbuilding and character development without large budgets or complex storylines.
Marvel Studios already devised an effective solution to the MCU's output problems, but it hasn't been attempted since Phase 3. Most content in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's timeline has been released since the beginning of Phase 4, with 23 movies released throughout the Infinity Saga and more than 30 projects either released or announced in the Multiverse Saga. While the MCU's Disney+ shows have been generally well received, the large number of yearly MCU releases has saturated the franchise and kept each individual entry from reaching its full potential.
In order to streamline the MCU, Marvel Studios decided to decrease the franchise's output. Deadpool 3 became 2024's only MCU movie, and projects such as Captain America: Brave New World, Blade, and Avengers 5 were delayed. Some projects in early development stages may not move forward, and titles with lukewarm reception like She-Hulk: Attorney At Law and The Marvels might not get sequels. The MCU's decreased output is also risky, as it will take a long time for many characters to return since they last appeared. However, there's one proven way the MCU can find a middle ground.
Marvel One-Shots Were An Easy Way To Keep Fans Engaged In The Infinity Saga Marvel One-Shots Are Short And Easy To Produce Close Back in Phase 1, the only connective tissue between MCU movies were Marvel One-Shots — short films that alluded to the wider franchise but only focused on minor characters (at the time) like Phil Coulson and Peggy Carter. These shorts were limited in scope, but proved that the MCU was a living, breathing universe where the events of each movie affected the others. All the MCU's Marvel One-Shots were either useful as set-ups for upcoming movies, or simply as comedic relief in between world-ending catastrophes.
Marvel One-Shots don't require hour-long runtimes or ambitious plots to stand on their own.
Marvel One-Shots can provide a great deal of worldbuilding work without the huge budgets and logistical efforts that a full Disney+ show entails. And unlike Special Presentations like Werewolf by Night and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Marvel One-Shots don't require hour-long runtimes or ambitious plots to stand on their own. Just a 5-to-15-minute, single-location, low-budget short film could be enough to keep building the MCU while the big battles take place in the movies and Disney+ shows.
Marvel One-Shot
The Consultant
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor's Hammer
Item 47
Agent Carter
All Hail The King
Team Thor
Team Thor: Part 2
Team Darryl
Marvel One-Shots Can Solve The MCU’s Avengers Absence Problem Marvel One-Shots Can Keep MCU Characters Relevant In Between Movies Although Marvel One-Shots are minimalist in nature, they could still feature major MCU characters. In fact, Marvel One-Shots are the perfect opportunity to bring back those characters who haven't appeared on screen in a while, like Shang-Chi, Sam Wilson, Kate Bishop, and Moon Knight. A Marvel One-Shot short film where Shang-Chi stops a robbery or Captain America rescues people from a burning building, for example, would confirm that these heroes remain active and continue to be superheroes even when they're not facing their biggest enemies.
The Consultant, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor's Hammer, and Agent Carter helped Phil Coulson and Peggy Carter get their own shows, ABC's Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter.
Moreover, new Marvel One-Shots can confirm that Avengers do exist in some form during the Multiverse Saga despite the MCU's lack of Avengers movies. While not as clear-cut as the original Avengers team, the idea of a group of heroes who intervene in all sorts of crimes and disasters is in dire need to be corroborated. Otherwise, it seems like whatever remains of Earth's Mightiest Heroes only assembles when the world is threatened, but refuse to assist when smaller-scale issues require their help.
Marvel One-Shots Can Help Fix The MCU’s Controversial Decisions Marvel One-Shots Can Make Quick Tweaks To The MCU Custom Image by Nicolas Ayala Marvel One-Shots such as The Consultant and All Hail The King were born out of the need to make some tweaks to previous MCU movies. The Consultant explained why Tony Stark appeared in The Incredible Hulk's post-credits scene despite the fact that his negotiation with General Ross didn't seem to be necessary once SHIELD was shown to be gathering the Avengers. Likewise, All Hail The King revealed that a real Mandarin did in fact exist, and that he wasn't happy with Trevor Slattery's impersonation. Now, new Marvel One-Shots can keep the MCU evolving in Phases 5 and 6.
Related Every Possible Phase 6 Avengers Team Will Make The Original MCU Version Look C-List The MCU's New Avengers team will dwarf the original roster as to Marvel Studios gave many superheroes huge power upgrades in the Multiverse Saga. Possible Marvel One-Shots in the Multiverse Saga could include one focused on Eternals, which could provide a slice-of-life look at one or more of the heroes — which wasn't possible in the movie due to its large cast. Another short could follow Ant-Man as he performs a heist-like attack on a criminal base, bringing back Michael Peña's fan-favorite Luis and taking Scott Lang back to his grounded roots after Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania's Quantum Realm-themed plot. Whoever stars in them, Marvel One-Shots could be quick refreshers for MCU characters who wouldn't have new movies releasing anytime soon.


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