10 Powers Rogue Never Used In Fox"s X-Men Movies

  • Rogue's powers in Fox's X-Men movies were underwhelming due to the absence of many key abilities from the comics.
  • The movies focused on Rogue's powers as more of a curse to navigate rather than an advantage to utilize in battle.
  • Rogue's movie adaptation lacked attributes like flight, physical talents absorption, and personality traits absorption seen in the comics.
Fox's original X-Men movies depicted a very different Rogue than is present in Marvel Comics, in part because the movies left out a lot of her powers. Rogue's relative lack of powers in the X-Men movies could have a few explanations. For one, Rogue being as powerful as she was in the comics would have made her role in X-Men make far less sense. Rogue spends much of the movie being looked after by Wolverine, a narrative that wouldn't make as much sense if she were a major powerhouse.
The origins of Rogue's powers in the comics may also play a part in her being underpowered in the X-Men movies. Many of her mainstay powers come from an encounter with Carol Danvers. Since Fox only had the X-Men to work with, it's possible they just didn't have a good explanation for why Rogue would have so many powers. Whatever the reason for leaving them out, hopefully, Marvel can include more of Rogue's superpowers if she joins the MCU's X-Men.
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The X-Men movies in general tended to stray away from Rogue using her powers intentionally to gain certain abilities. Instead, her powers were often depicted as more of a curse that she had to learn to deal with than abilities she could use to her advantage. This way of writing the character is largely responsible for Rogue having far less powers to show off in the movies.
9 Rogue's Super Strength Makes Her More Of A Fighter In The Comics Rogue Rarely Brawled In Fox's Movies Close Rogue's natural ability to absorb other people's superpowers has given her a lot of temporary power-ups. However, some of the powers she absorbs do end up sticking around long-term. One of the most consistent powers Rogue has without needing to steal it is super strength. This is a power she initially gained from Carol Danvers when she stole her powers, and she held onto it as part of her core character. More recently, Rogue gained super strength from Wonder Man after losing the powers she got from Carol.
The X-Men movies never showed Rogue having super strength. As she was never really a full-fledged member of the team, this sort of made sense from a narrative perspective. Had Rogue been as strong as she was supposed to be, audiences would be left wondering why the X-Men were benching one of their heaviest hitters.
8 Rogue Often Has The Ability To Fly Rogue Didn't Have Many Consistent Abilities In The Fox Movies Close Flight is another ability Rogue retained from Carol Danvers. Similar to her super strength, Rogue's ability to fly now comes from Wonder Man instead of Carol. It's clear that, regardless of the source of the power, flying is something Marvel wants Rogue to be able to do.
Despite not giving Rogue too many powers, the X-Men movies may have had another reason for not allowing her to fly. The earlier X-Men movies came out before CGI was as big a part of movies as it is now. It's possible that Fox just didn't have the ability to create a lot of convincing fight scenes between flying characters and opted to keep most of the team grounded.
7 Rogue Can Also Absorb Specific Personality Traits Rogue Only Stole Powers In The Fox X-Men Movies Rogue's ability to absorb superpowers was a big part of her character in the X-Men movies, but Fox never showed the full extent of these powers. Not only can Rogue absorb powers in the comics, but she also absorbs the personality traits of the person she touches. This has sometimes even resulted in Rogue housing entirely different personalities in her mind.
Related 10 Great Unused X-Men Heroes The MCU Can't Ignore With the X-Men set to join the MCU, there are many excellent characters yet to be used on the big screen who would be perfect for the franchise. Because the X-Men movies didn't have as much time to establish Rogue's character as in an ongoing series of comics, it makes sense why they wouldn't include this power. If Rogue's personality kept changing over the course of a short movie, it would be hard for audiences to know what her actual personality was. By allowing her to have a more consistent identity, the X-Men movies avoided confusion or making her character feel inconsistent.
6 Rogue Gained Precognition Similar To Spider-Man Rogue Gained This Power From Carol Danvers For A Time Another acquisition from Ms. Marvel, Rogue picked up what Marvel used to call Carol Danvers' seventh sense. This was essentially a psychic version of Spider-Man's spider-sense that would help warn Carol of incoming danger. Instead of just getting a vague sense of danger, however, Carol could actually see exactly what the specific threat was going to be and would be able to easily avoid it. When Rogue gained this ability, she didn't have as good control over it as Carol did. Still, Rogue was often able to at least know some sort of danger was going to happen.
5 Rogue Can Sometimes Control Her Absorption Powers Rogue's Powers Were Depicted As Out Of Her Control In Fox's X-Men Movies Close After being depicted as something Rogue couldn't control for a long time, Marvel Comics eventually changed its philosophy on Rogue's powers. It was revealed that her inability to control them was more of a psychological issue than an actual aspect of her powers. For some time, Rogue was able to fully control her powers without problems. Though Rogue ended up going back to having more difficulty with this in more recent years, it is still possible that she can get her powers under control.
The X-Men movie took a different route when it came to handling Rogue's control over her powers. Instead of finding a way to control them, she opts to take a "cure" for her mutant abilities so that she can safely touch other people in X-Men: The Last Stand. Since the franchise switched gears and focused on other characters after this movie, Rogue never really got a chance to get her powers under control.
4 Rogue Was Immune To Most Poison For A Long Time Rogue's Ability To Resist Poison Was A Storytelling Tool Rogue's poison immunity was another holdover from Carol Danvers. Though not as powerful as something like Wolverine's healing factor, this did give Rogue a little bit of extra resilience. These sorts of powers make sense for comics, when fans will speculate about easy ways to defeat seemingly invincible heroes. Throwing in poison immunity on the list of Rogue's powers is a smart way to keep her from feeling underpowered in the wider Marvel Universe. Because the X-Men movies didn't need as many contingency plans like this, it made sense that they wouldn't have to give Rogue immunity to poison.
3 Rogue Has Been Invulnerable To Physical Harm Rogue Wasn't As Durable In Fox's X-Men Movies In addition to gaining Ms Marvel's super strength, Rogue also gained her invulnerability. This means she can take damage as well as she can dish it out. Having this ability allows Rogue to go toe-to-toe with powerful villains who would be able to easily defeat other heroes.
Rogue wasn't too much of a brawler in the X-Men movies, which was a bit of a departure from her depiction in the comics around the same time. This made sense for the story Fox decided to tell with her character, but it was a bit of a shame for fans who would have liked to see Rogue in the fray alongside the other X-Men. It will be interesting to see what route the MCU takes with Rogue in this regard.
2 Rogue Has Access To Wonder Man's Ionic Energy Powers Rogue's Source Of Powers Changed But They Largely Stayed The Same After Rogue lost access to Carol Danvers' powers, Marvel needed a way for her to keep most of her key abilities. Their solution was to have Rogue gain lasting powers from Wonder Man's ionic energy, which gave her many of the same abilities that she got from Carol. This means Rogue still has super strength, the ability to fly, and is invulnerable, but these now stem from Wonder Man's powers instead. However, it doesn't seem as though Rogue has become pure energy like Wonder Man, so she still needs to sleep and eat.
1 Rogue Had The Ability To Control Fire For A Brief Time Rogue Stole Fire Powers For Some Time In Marvel Comics For a little while in Marvel Comics, Rogue gained the ability to control fire from hero Sunfire. This power wasn't just a brief acquisition but stuck around a little longer than most powers she can steal with her absorption. However, this isn't as consistent of a power for Rogue to have in the comics, so it isn't a huge surprise the X-Men movies didn't include it. It probably wouldn't be a stretch to think the MCU will leave this power out as well since it was only short-lived in the comics.


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