Venom 3 Gets Exciting Filming Update From New Star After Various Delays

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  • Juno Temple gives an exciting filming update for Venom 3 at the 2024 SAG Awards.
  • Temple hints that filming will be wrapping soon, describing her experience on the movie as a "wild, wonderful ride".
  • The Venom threequel comes at a time in which Sony's Spider-Man Universe is nearing its make-or-break point.
After suffering various delays due to the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, Juno Temple has an exciting Venom 3 filming update. Plot details are currently unknown for the Sony's Spider-Man Universe threequel, though franchise star Tom Hardy has co-written the story with fellow franchise vet Kelly Marcel, who wrote the script and is making her directorial debut on the project. Also starring Juno Temple, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Clark Backo, production initially began in June 2023, though was delayed due to the SAG-AFTRA strike the same year, with cameras resuming rolling in November later that year.
While appearing at the 2024 SAG Awards, Variety caught up with Temple to discuss her upcoming role in Venom 3. Though not offering any proper details on her undisclosed lead character, she did confirm that filming is "coming close to an end", while also reflecting on her time with the SSU threequel as a "wild, wonderful ride" and expressing her feeling that the movie will be "a good one." Check out what Temple shared below:
We’re coming close to an end at the moment. It’s been a wild, wonderful ride. It’s so new to me. It’s a big set! This is crazy. It’s been so much fun and I got to work with such cool people. I’ve been so lucky in my career to just have the most incredible casts. I can’t wait for it to get out into the world. I think it’s going to be a good one.
Venom 3 Will Be Crucial For The SSU's Future Close Amid the critical misfires of the franchise, the first two Venom movies have remained a standout in the SSU, with audiences in particular being largely favorable in their reception to them. Hardy's performance as both journalist Eddie Brock and the titular symbiote has garnered particular acclaim for his commitment to the erratic nature of a man having to share a body with a juvenile alien being, and the overall tongue-in-cheek tone in both installments. Check out how the Venom movies' Rotten Tomatoes scores compare to the rest of the SSU below:
RT Critics Score
RT Audience Score
Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Madame Web
While Morbius' 71% audience score may indicate a general enjoyment from viewers for the Jared Leto-led movie, it's infamously known for having found its success as a so-bad-it's-good movie. With both the 2022 installment and the newly released Madame Web also proving to be financial disappointments for the franchise, it's clear that the SSU is nearing its make-or-break point. Despite these issues, however, Venom 3 could very well be the security Sony needs to keep the franchise going.
Venom's built-in fanbase seems to all but guarantee Venom 3's success.
One of the key issues behind the SSU as a whole has been how Sony has gone about building a whole universe of Spider-Man-related characters without any larger Marvel ties, due to their only holding the rights to the webslinger. As shown by the first two movies, however, the fanbase surrounding the antihero was enough to instill a larger box office success outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, seemingly ensuring that Venom 3 is guaranteed to continue this streak. Should it indeed prove to be a hit, it could also give Sony a better template for how to move forward with the SSU.
Source: Variety


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